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What kind of environment is good for the overall development of children?


The Institute of child psychology has called on parents to reflect on the kind of world they want to teach their kids to live in. While, it seems like a macro question, it really is a retrospective call to the kind of person you are with your kids and what kind of environment you have fostered at home for your kids?

The 4 kinds of worlds that should be an important of a child's learning environment

Has COVID 19 changed your perspective on the kind of world you want to teach your children to live in?

Covid 19 has influenced our perspective like never before, many of us have adopted newer ways of living. The impact of lockdown witnessed the emergence of many things, including more active ways of sustainable living and an extreme shift in administering education. These new experiences have forced the world to think about new ways of living. To reflect on the kind of world that is being built for young generations and the generations to come. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to work towards creating a better world for children. It is important that we curate an environment suitable for them to grow into more creative, humane and innovative citizens of the world.

a) A more sustainable world

This includes more thoughtful ways of waste management, upcycling, recycling and growing our own food. That would mean fostering our mini circular economies at home. It would help to engage your child in activities that teach to recycle or upcycle material at home to something useful. Eg, a milk carton can be made into a bird feeder or newspaper can be used for quilling into different types of artwork. Keeping children thoughtfully engaged makes for a better environment and a more useful world to grow up in.

b) A more inclusive world

Post 2020, a large amount of disparities made it into the glaring spotlight, particularly the contrasting ways in which the rich and poor lived their lockdown lives. The immigrant incident highlighted social divides more than ever. It would definitely be ideal if children could live in a world that works towards bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. A world that is inclusive of all kinds of people, that transcends barriers of gender, language, community, caste and all the other pseudo boundaries that society has in place. One way to broaden the perspective of children is to expand their experiences. Parents can do this by identifying schools or clubs in the neighbourhood that promote the overall development of a child. Enrolling your child into an environment that welcomes diversity in people and thought will definitely lead the way into a more inclusive world. At Learner Circle we welcome children from all over the world to be a part of our online learning platform that works towards a journey of infinite learning. All our courses are of short duration and curated to engage children in a fun way.

c) A world with strong leadership

Strong leaders play an immense role in leading peaceful nations that contribute to the economy as a whole, that help to spread values of non-violence, equality and justice among all nations of the world, thereby fostering more opportunities for learning and growth. COVID 19 was the perfect litmus test for leadership, we witnessed a surge of women leaders coming to the front and their nations benefiting from the values they emulated during a world crisis. It is important to nurture children to represent values of leadership in all the little things they do. Parents can do this by instilling in children the confidence of their capabilities. One method of achieving this is to give children the freedom to explore and discover themselves. It is the job of the parent and the teacher to guide the child into nurturing a passion and acquiring the knowledge for the same. Children with high self-esteem make for better leaders.

d) A world where play and learning are seamlessly intertwined

This means that parents and teachers need to change the approach to learning and include more play based learning activities. Learning should be fun and knowledge based curiosity should be encouraged. That is why at Learner Circle we offer a variety of courses to help children develop their curiosity and learn through play. We have piano classes, a writers workshop, music classes, Bharatnatyam classes and a whole range of other interesting courses. Please visit our website to learn more.

It is the common understanding that post 2020, the world has evolved into a wiser place. However, with that wisdom dawns the realization that we still have a long way to go in building a better world for our children.

What kind of a world would you want to teach your children to live in?

Check out the free demo on our page to build an engaging world for your child.

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