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7 reasons why quizzing is important for children

“Learn constantly. There’s always one more thing to learn. “

Quizzing has evolved to be a popular method of learning constantly and anyone who has engaged in a quiz has always discovered that there is so much more to learn. Quizzing builds a certain kind of self-awareness and works as a strong motivator in building an attitude of learning. Studies show that among many other things, quizzes have amazing cognitive benefits on students. A significant contribution to classroom behavior or learning behavior is that it helps students reduce mind-wandering by at least 50%.

It helps that everyone loves a quiz. Adults, kids, and teens, quizzing has developed a reputation for being an amazingly mind engaging experience that’s challenging and super fun. Because who doesn’t love a mystery? A quiz can seem like a reality show filled with wanna-be Sherlock Holmes. Teachers find that quizzing can change the dynamics in a classroom and provides for more wholesome and inclusive engagement. The advantage about quizzing is that it is versatile and has a broad platform to work with depending on the age and interests of children. Here are 7 reasons why children should engage in quizzing:

Quizzing is fun

It is one of those few learning experiences that is not only challenging, interactive and engaging, but it is also fun! Teachers love to engage the students using this module as well. It provides for a great learning experience and improves the teacher-student bonding.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you never cease to grow.”

Quizzing raises confidence

A quiz with a wide range of topics can cognitively challenge kids and streamline their choices of learning. It can help raise the level of confidence helping them build a sense of self-awareness. Moreover, it does offer a unique opportunity for teamwork and agile decision-making. While winning can raise self-esteem, making mistakes can add to resilience and character-building. That is why quizzing is so popular among parents, teachers, and key stakeholders in education.

Quizzing for children can aid planning and identify progress

Quizzing can be customized to aid learning a difficult lesson or a challenging concept. It also helps teachers identify progress and aids in planning future lessons accordingly. It is a known fact that quizzes are perfect to reinforce memorization and learning. It provides for a strong workout for the brain muscle making it stronger and more forceful.

“The brain is the muscle that can move the world.”

Quizzing can support individualized learning

Quizzing is an easy way to spot individual differences in learning, progress and perhaps a guide to future monitoring. It helps bring both slow learners and the bright ones into the spotlight. It’s a great way for classmates to get to know each other, for parents to assess their kids’ learning capabilities or interests. Sometimes it brings to the forefront a certain aptitude that perhaps parents, or teachers are unaware of. It offers a host of learning opportunities for the learner, challenging cognitive capabilities and intellectual capacity.

“The brain that doesn’t feed itself, eats itself.”

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Quizzing is great for kids

Quizzes are great for end of topic assessments

Quizzes are a natural way to get feedback on a lesson or a topic of discussion to evaluate understanding and progress. It’s proven to make learning less stressful and more beneficial to the child.

Quizzes are good for revision

For students who don’t enjoy the traditional way of learning through rote and memorization, quizzing is a better way to reinforce learning, identify gaps and find ways to bridge those gaps. It fosters a more positive learning environment and helps boost confidence.

Quizzes encourage pupils’ self-awareness of progress and self-assessment

By taking quizzes, pupils get instant feedback on their responses. And this can help them identify areas they need to develop themselves and highlight progress for them to be proud of. In fact, it can also support a growth mindset and foster the attitude to life-long learning that you aim to give your pupils.

Quiz Premier League 6.0

The good news is that Learner Circle is hosted the world’s largest, most exciting online quizzing event on November 12th Worldwide. QPL 6.0 is the first International that was conducted online by outstanding and brilliant quizmasters for children all over the world. This much awaited trivia quiz covered a wide range of topics from sports, history, world politics, cinema or science. Registration for the event was free !

Learner Circle hosts quizzing events regularly for children all over the world. Please check out the website for more details on the upcoming events.

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Learner Circle

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