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Soccer Player?

What is your child going to be in future?

Know Your Child!

Know Your Child (KYC) by Learner Circle

A quick 10 minute assessment tool!

Do you want to know the secrets of unleashing the potential in your child? 

Use our tool to find out now!

This will be the most useful KYC Document ever!

KYC is definitely not Astrology or a random guessing game like the ones you see on Social Media! Nope! KYC is a tool developed by Learner Circle with all diligence to help you envision your child’s area of expertise. Who cares about your child’s future more than you?


Aligning your child according to his/her inclination is a golden ticket to becoming a person with high EQ and happiness. Parents go to any extent to see their child happy. We want to help you know your child in the most natural way.


Yes! Children’s interests keep changing. But when a child knows, “Mom and Dad are keen about my interests” it gives them immense happiness. This builds an unshakable trust in the parents. Plus, giving a nudge in the area of their interest can make them an expert, a virtuoso and an individual with unique talents.


The 28-item tool helps you find the child’s what your child is naturally inclined to. There are 7 types of intelligence. 

  • Linguistic-Verbal

  • Logical-Mathematical 

  • Visual-Spatial

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic

  • Interpersonal-Social

  • Musical

  • Naturalist 

This will be the most beneficial KYC Document ever!

This tool is developed on the basis of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed in 1983.

In addition to Howard Gardner’s theory, multiple research literature in the area of intelligence has been taken into account to develop this tool. It is an initiative from Learner Circle to help parents understand the core strengths of their child through a proven-process.

Note: Don't help your child to answer the questions.

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