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QPL 4.0

The largest online quiz for Kids is here for the age group 8 to 12 years

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Date: Jan 29, 2022

Time: 7: 30 PM IST


There are three rounds - Prelims (Online test), Semi-finals & Finals. The event will be streamed on YouTube with LIVE commentary during prelims. For semi-finals and finals, it is going to be LIVE quiz

Round 1: Prelims

Online Multiple-Choice type questions covering sports, science, geography, capital cities etc. The link will be shared on our website and the YouTube channel

Round 2: Semi-finals

Top eights participants from the prelims will be selected for the semi-finals. We will divide the 8 semi-finalists into two tournaments. 

Each semi-final will have two or three rounds.

Round 3: Finals

Top Two from each semi-final will then move to the finals. 

There will be three rounds in the final.


  1. Register for the event by filling the form.

  2. All the registrants will receive an email with the link to Learner Circle's YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe so that you will be alerted when we come LIVE on YouTube on Jan 29, 2022

  3. During the LIVE commentary at 7:30 PM on Jan 29, 2022, we will be sharing a link to take the online test. The link will be shared only during the YouTube LIVE session. It will be placed on our website also after the announcement.

  4. Top eight Participants from the online test will be shortlisted and taken to the Semi-final round

  5. Semi-finals will happen over the Zoom and the same will be streamed on our YouTube channel

  6. Each participant will compete with other participants in a tournament format in the Semi-finals. The rules for each round will be explained by the Quiz master. You can also view our past videos placed in this page to get a better understanding of the rounds/ format

  7. Finals: Four participants will be shortlisted for the grand finale

  8. There will be three power-pack rounds in the finals, before we decide on the winners

  9. We will be sending emails with the details of the event on a regular basis


  1. Exciting prizes to be won - Winner Cash Prizes, Gift Coupons, Certificates, Audience prize and Prizes for answering the Daily Quiz on Learner Circle's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

  2. Follow us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn to win exciting prizes. Daily quiz, interviews of past winners and for many other exciting updates on QPL 4.0

Terms and Conditions

  • In case of tie - A tie-breaker contest will be conducted to decide the winner.

  • Any kind of Malpractice is strictly prohibited. If found then the respective participant will be eliminated immediately.

  • Titles for the winners will be featured in our YouTubeFacebook, InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

  • Digital Certificates will be issued to all the participants.

Get ready to learn more and meet some of the brightest brains from across the Globe

 QPL Season 3 Stars (12 to 15 Age Group)

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 QPL Season 3 Stars (08 to 11 Age Group)


 QPL Season 2 Stars

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QPL Season Stars

Siddharth Kumar Gopal


Rohan S V S

1st Runner up

Raghu Ram

2nd Runner up

Milan Batheja

3rd Runner up

Our Pro-Quiz Masters

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Siva chandrasekaran

Arun K

Prakash Krishnan