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Skill Development and Intelligence - The link between them

A little girl is colouring her drawing.
Joy of colours and creativity

‘Without access to education opportunities that help develop skills, adolescents face serious challenges thriving in the twenty-first century – with repercussions for generations to come.’ (UNICEF)

Has the pandemic changed education and access to education? Has it affected the behaviour and learning patterns of our children? Is there a paradigm shift in their thinking and attitude? Most important of all, has it affected skill development and intelligence? In this article a link between skill development and intelligence is drawn. Learner Circle offers various courses on skill development to help children enhance intelligence, memory and cognitive skills.

The answers to all of these questions is a big ‘YES’

Globally, every industry has undergone tremendous change post the pandemic. But, it is the changes in the education system that created a ripple of worry for the teaching fraternity and parents alike. These changes have brought into the spotlight the importance of skill development and its evolving role in shaping the behaviour of our children.

What is intelligence? What is Skill Development? Is skill and intelligence the same? How do we adapt to the new norm?

What is intelligence?

‘Intelligence is a complex characteristic of cognition.'

It is the common notion that intelligence plays a huge role in knowledge-based learning. This involves learning through theory and knowledge acquisition via books and lectures.

In his Triarchic theory of intelligence, renowned Psychologist Sternberg, focuses on analytical, creative and practical intelligence. While Garner, holds that intelligence is composed of many factors.

A poster of a pie-chart showing the ingredients of intelligence.  Systematic Knowledge, Awareness, creativity, connectedness, Attitude
The ingredients of Intelligence

What is skill development?

Jean Piaget, is one of the first psychologists who proposed that intelligence is something that grows and develops through a series of stages.

Generally, the development of skills occurs through stages during the formative years. These domains of development fall under:

  • Cognitive

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Language

It is these skills that help children grow into stronger, more responsible adults. A school curriculum that enables this kind of growth would be an ideal learning environment for the child.

A poster of a boy and a picture of a brain with question marks

Why is skill development important now?

The onset of the pandemic threw our regular routines out of gear. As a result, skill development took a backseat. The education system had a quick turnaround time, in terms of trying to figure out a virtual system of education. But, the skill development arena like dance, music and arts remained neglected for a long period of time. As a result, many children had to stop activities like music, dance and physical training. Parents are now faced with new challenges like declining eye-sight, attention spans, obesity and digital addiction issues.

Skill development has always been important, but the current scenario has increased, if not highlighted the importance of it. It definitely helps children with the following:

  1. Channelize their digital energies

  2. Decrease chances of addiction

  3. Increase opportunities for social interaction

  4. Activate different areas of the brain

  5. Build their self-esteem

  6. Development of creativity and imagination

A picture showing an arrow with text : New Skills
New Skills

How do we adapt?

The new norms that the pandemic enforced upon us have resulted in a very different education model. Most schools have been forced to follow a curriculum that does not have the time for music, art and physical training. The constant exposure to digital time has led to children being distracted during online school and considerably reduced attention spans. This had led to a need for space for children to explore their creative genius.

A picture of a happy child playing lego blocks
Cognitive skills

This is where our company, Learner Circle, decided to fill in the gaps. We have the vision to re-align the attitude of children towards skill development. We have created a simple module to connect teachers and students. Our live interactive courses will definitely stimulate the brains of every child, whether your child has become a couch potato or an avid gamer.

As children progress through the stages of cognitive development, it is important to maintain a balance between applying previous knowledge and changing behaviour to account for new knowledge. – Jean Piaget

Let’s work together, to help our kids regain their equilibrium and get down to making this world a beautiful place. We intend to help children actively explore the world through their vision, their passions and their innate ability to connect with the world.

You could give it a try by booking a demo here

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