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4 things we need to remind children on Children’s Day and everyday

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Happy Children's Day

As we celebrate Children’s Day we also celebrate the values we hope to nurture among our students and our growing learners community. It is a day to celebrate the essence of children and the inherent values they bring to the world. Although it is essential for us to constantly remind children how special they are, we take this opportunity today to reflect on the important things that help in building the overall development of a child. Here are 4 things that parents, and educators need to remind children about today and every day:

Be unique

It is important for all involved in the development of children to encourage children to express themselves without inhibition. Providing children to express themselves through various platforms fosters a sense of self. It also aids in self-discovery and self-management skills. When children are adventurous with learning and show courage in trying out new things they add different elements to their personality, becoming wholesome unique individuals. This will also encourage them to ask questions and discover the unknown. As parents and educators, we must act as catalysts in guiding children on this journey to being unique and embracing the way they perceive the world.

Follow your passion

Exposing children to different social and intellectual experiences helps them choose a passion to pursue. A common misunderstanding among parents is that children have to be good at something or have a natural flair at an activity in order to pursue it with dedication. Children can be encouraged to try out activities like sports or music even if they do not have a natural flair for it. It is only when children are exposed to versatile experiences will they be able to identify what they truly love and connect with. Discovering or stumbling upon an intrinsic skill is not only a great morale booster but also paves the way towards increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Always look for something to learn

We should try to engage our children in different learning environments to expose them to various experiences so that they can imbibe and acquire a natural curiosity to learn. Some studies show that a higher level of curiosity has some impact on math and reading scores regardless of other factors. This curiosity in children also improves their social skills and emotional management among their peers.

Embrace compassion

Compassion helps children to develop emotionally and intellectually. It teaches that empathy is more than a thought, it is an action. When children are attuned to their surroundings and learn how to observe the things around them, it builds awareness about the ways of the world. This instills a certain sense of compassion, perhaps a drive to make a change whenever possible. This urge to make a change in the world at large could drive us to learn more and explore more avenues to learn.


We hope children all over the world enjoyed some special moments today at school learning with their peers or at home with their family. In the meantime, we have updated our website with a host of events and courses for parents who want to help their children explore and discover themselves. Kindly do visit our website at to learn about some attractive Children's Day offers at

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