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KL Bharathanatyam Utsav -A magnificent journey

KL Kids Performance

Learner Circle has had an exciting three-year journey in Malaysia, focusing on Bharathanatyam. Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi, our Bharathanatyam tutor, led online classes and trained the students in the basics of the Bharathanatyam art form. As students improved with her guidance, the thought of advancing in their artistic journey emerged. Recognizing their readiness, Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi suggested organizing a Salangai Pooja event to display their skills and dedication.

Learner Circle collaborated with the Malaysia Andhra Association for the mega event. A diligent team, both from Learner Circle and the Malaysia Andhra Association, worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfect. This marked a new chapter for Learner Circle, solidifying its commitment to bringing the best to its students and fostering cultural growth.

Following this, for three months, Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi prepared the students with regular classes. The online platform, which had been the conduit for learning, now became the medium for fine-tuning their expressions and movements in preparation for the grand Salangai Pooja event. As the event drew near, a team from Learner Circle's headquarters in India went to Malaysia to lend their support and expertise.

The culmination of this journey was the "KL Utsav," a celebration of talent and dedication. It served as conclusive evidence that mastering Bharatanatyam or any skill online is not only feasible but also successful. This event substantiated our claim.

The day before the event, January 5th, began with the Learner Circle team making pooja arrangements, creating a spiritual ambiance. In the afternoon, as the students eagerly assembled for their first-ever in-person rehearsal, a palpable wave of emotion swept through the air. 

The connections forged during online classes took on a tangible and heartfelt dimension in the physical presence of not only the students but also their parents, creating a poignant atmosphere that resonated deeply with everyone present. Following the rehearsal, a heartwarming interaction ensued, with Learner Circle team members engaging in conversations with parents and students. Light refreshments provided by the team added to the cheerful atmosphere, setting the stage for the main event.

utsav malaysia

After this, Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi initiated a solemn prayer. In adherence to tradition, the students received the Guru's blessings. Subsequently, each student was presented with a "thamboolam" which was tailored uniquely for every child by the Learner Circle team in India and transported to Malaysia. The "thamboolam" consisted of the exquisite Bharathanatyam costume, a set of temple jewelry,salangai, fragrant flowers, and fresh fruits.

Next, the students and the team from Learner Circle went to the Petronas Towers. The culmination of months of hard work and anticipation unfolded as the students, in Bharathanatyam costumes, mesmerized the audience with a magical dance performance in the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. The applause and cheers echoed the event's success, affirming the efficacy of online learning in nurturing artistic talents.

The next day, January 6th, was the day of the actual “Salangai Pooja” event. Commencing at 10 a.m., the conclusive rehearsals started in the morning. Following a nourishing lunch for the children, the dedicated Learner Circle Team prepared for the grand “Salangai Pooja” event. Assisting the children in donning costumes, jewelry, and makeup became the team's priority.

teacher meetup

Around 3 p.m., the team, accompanied by the students, made their way to the Taniya Grand Hall. Within the event hall, a photo session was held where students artfully posed under the guidance of the teacher, resulting in captivating individual and group photographs.

The Salangai Pooja ceremony commenced at 5 p.m. The stage was set with the statue of Lord Nataraja, and lamps were lit. The guru, Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi, performed the prayer rituals, invoking blessings for the students. Mr. Arun, co-founder of Learner Circle, delivered a heartfelt speech, introducing the essence of Learner Circle. He acknowledged the dedication of Guru Shrimathi Vidyalakshmi and introduced the talented students and supporting staff. Subsequently, the students delivered an enchanting dance performance that showcased a level of synchronization that belied the virtual nature of their training.


Following the performance, Mr. Arun presented mementos and certificates to the students, with parents and relatives joining them on stage for the proud moment. As each student received their well-deserved recognition, the atmosphere resonated with emotions of accomplishment and gratitude. The glint of pride in the eyes of their parents was unmistakable, reflecting the journey of hard work and dedication that had led to this moment. This was a gratifying moment for Learner Circle too.

The Malaysia Andhra Association started the Sankranthi Sambaralu celebrations. The event became lively with cultural activities and dances, making it more exciting. Around 7:30 p.m., special guests arrived. Learner Circle students took the stage again to perform a few songs. As the evening progressed, Learner Circle distributed raffle tickets for a special lucky draw. They also surprised young attendees with a thoughtful gift—a journal titled

"Discovering Me." The gesture was met with immense joy, and the Learner Circle team took a moment to guide the children on how to use this special gift.

In the later part of the evening, Mr. Arun conveyed his gratitude to the Malaysia Andhra Association for their collaborative efforts. Next, the lucky draw took place. Winners of the raffle tickets were delighted to receive silver coins, presented by Mr. Arun on behalf of Learner Circle. This added an extra layer of excitement to the already fun-filled celebrations. The event ended with a grand dinner provided by the Malaysia Andhra Association  to everyone present 

It was time to say goodbye. Emotions ran high as students and parents exchanged heartfelt farewells with their beloved Guru, Shrimathi Vidya Lakshmi, and the Learner Circle team. As the warmth of connection lingered, a sense of accomplishment and joy enveloped us all. The collective effort of the team had not only paid off but had also resulted in a spectacularly successful event. This moment was not just a culmination; it was a beginning, igniting our spirits for the countless exciting events that await us in the future. 

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