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Learn Bharatanatyam at Learner Circle

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body - Martha Graham
A bharatanatyam dancer
Dance is the hidden language of the soul

Bharatnatyam is known for its incredible potential for expression. Its elegance and beauty make it one of the most enchanting dance forms in Southern India. Its origins date about two thousand years back into ancient India. In ancient times Bharatanatyam was referred to as Sadir Natyam.

Everything in the universe dances. Everything has rhythm - Maya Angelou

Advantages of learning Bharatanatyam

Enhanced communication abilities

The art of this classical dance fosters communication through expression. It is one of the few art forms which has the potential to explore various parts of the body to communicate with harmony and rhythm.

Better memory and recall

Bharatanatyam is known to improve memory and recall abilities. The dance form involves memorising steps, finger gestures and facial expressions.

Better tactile acuity

It improves tactile acuity as well and motor coordination.

Improves decision-making

Regular Bharatanatyam practice enhances stress management, decisions-making and task performance. It helps improve concentration and focus on one task.

a bharatanatyam dancer
Improves memory

Why should kids learn Bharatanatyam at Learner Circle

The best online curriculum

The curriculum is well-defined to provide a definite outcome for kids. The course is split across three levels so that kids can benefit from every aspect of the course.

Level 1
At this level a student will learn Thattadavu, Naatadavu, Abhinaya and Thillana.
Level 2
Students will learn other Adavus with song practice. 
Level 3
Here, the students will learn Thalams, Alarippu, Pancha Nadai with Adavus.
Level 4
The students will learn Periya Adavu and Dance with songs. 
Level 5
The student will progress to dance with song training.

a dancer holding her leg bells
Improves tactile acuity


Kids will earn a certification from Learner Circle after completing three levels of the course. The kids will also be encouraged to participate in creative mash-up videos. The course also encourages online performances from students.

Expert Tutors and Support team

Our expert tutors are Ms Vidyalakshmi and Ms Asmi who love working with children. A friendly support team helps to coordinate the classes so that the kids get the best out of the course.

About Ms Vidyalakshmi

She is a classical dance teacher, a performer and a choreographer. She has had over a decade of experience in this field. Ms. Vidyalakshmi has a Diploma in Bharatanatyam. She has received the Natya Ratna award in the year 2008 for her outstanding contribution to the field of classical dance. Vidyalakshmi believes in instructing her students in a fun way so that they may be able to relate what they learn to actual things in life. She plans her classrooms to be interactive and interesting so that it is easier for her students to learn.

She believes that a teacher’s success can be measured by the amount of knowledge imparted to the kid. Knowledge need not be only subject knowledge. Bharatanatyam is not only a physical activity; it also involves mental strength and imparts philosophical values about life. Vidyalakshmi’s goal is to empower kids to be able to carry those values throughout their life. Her vision is to guide her students to evolve first as human beings and as dancers as well. Now, we cannot get a better teaching philosophy than that, can we?

Online classes

All our classes are conducted online. It is convenient and accessible to kids all over the world.


If you would like to try our online Bharatanatyam classes, you can visit our website for a free demo. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any queries.


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