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Journey of Online Bharatanatyam Classes: A Testament to Learning Beyond Boundaries

As a dedicated member of the Learner Circle team, I have had the privilege to witness an extraordinary journey unfold over the past three years. It all started with a modest seed planted 36 months ago, during an unassuming demo class. From that point onward, it became evident that something remarkable was beginning to blossom.

In the initial demo sessions, I observed hesitant children cautiously navigating the unfamiliar terrain of Bharatanatyam, an ancient Indian classical dance form. However, with the tutor’s friendly demeanor and cheerful disposition, an environment where students felt at ease was created, paving the way for an enriching learning experience.

Starting with the fundamentals, the tutor introduced students to the essence of Bharatanatyam, elucidating how the art form intricately weaves together the five elements of nature. The students' keen interest and sharp observation skills propelled their progress. Their ability to absorb and replicate each lesson demonstrated a genuine passion for the art. The unwavering support of parents further fueled our journey, as they witnessed their children not only mastering dance techniques but also imbibing cultural values embedded within the art form.

With a meticulous curriculum designed to balance tradition with modernity, we journeyed through various stages of Bharathanatyam, gradually expanding our repertoire from the basic “Adavus” to other compositions like “Alarippu” and “Ganapathy Kauthuvam.” Infusing elements of fun and creativity, the tutor incorporated remix versions of classic songs, keeping the classes engaging and dynamic.

As the bond between students and the tutor strengthened, the student's confidence levels also increased. The tutor encouraged the students to showcase their talents beyond the virtual dance floor and urged them to perform in school, fostering a sense of pride in their abilities. Learner Circle team also sought feedback on class preferences and areas for improvement, nurturing a supportive and communicative atmosphere.

The pinnacle of our journey culminated in the planning and execution of "Salangai Pooja," a sacred ritual marking the students' transition to the next phase of their Bharatanatyam journey. For this, Learner Circle team collaborated with the Malaysia-Andhra Association, and we embarked on a transformative experience that transcended geographical boundaries.

The anticipation and enthusiasm among the kids soared when they grasped the significance and depth of the Salangai Pooja ritual. Their motivation transformed into unwavering commitment, and with each practice session, their dedication became more evident as they tirelessly prepared for the event.

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To ensure seamless progress, the students took the initiative to record videos of their home practices, creating a bridge between virtual and physical learning. The tutor meticulously reviewed each clip, providing corrections and guidance. Remarkably, the students embraced these corrections, diligently implementing them after watching her instructional videos. 

As the day of the event approached, the Learner Circle team, along with myself, embarked on a journey to Malaysia. The reunion of the teacher and students at the event was an emotional crescendo. Tears of joy, heartfelt embraces, and spirited chit-chat filled the air as all of us connected physically for the first time. 

During the live rehearsals in KL, the students danced with a grace that belied their online learning experience. It was as if they had always been in a traditional, physical classroom. The synchronization and harmony were flawless, a testament to their dedication and the efficacy of online learning. Witnessing their performance in person stirred deep emotions, reinforcing the profound impact of the art and the bond we had forged.

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The “Salangai Pooja” event was a great success. It took place in the presence of a huge audience in “Taniya Grand Hall," Kuala Lumpur During the “Sankranthi Celebration” of the Malaysia Andhra Association. Following the event, we were praised for our hard work, and all doubts about online learning were dispelled. It became clear that our journey was not just about mastering a dance form but about breaking barriers and embracing the limitless possibilities of learning in the digital age. To read about the Salangai Pooja event, click here

The success of the "Salangai Pooja" event stands as a testament to the transformative potential of online education, showcasing the seamless integration of traditional rituals with modern technology. As we reflect on this incredible journey, it's clear that online learning has opened doors to new possibilities, allowing students to connect, learn, and thrive in ways never before imagined. 

As a member of the Learner Circle team, I am proud to have played a part in this transformative journey, where passion, perseverance, and the power of technology converged to redefine the boundaries of traditional education. As we continue to chart new territories, I am confident that the seeds we have sown will continue to flourish, inspiring countless others to embark on their journeys of discovery and growth.

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