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What our kids think about Learner Circle

Learner Circle would like to measure its success from the happiness of it's students. Today, we would like to step back and look at ourselves through the eyes of our students. Through their testimonials and feedback. With this narrative we will take you through what our kids think about us and also give you a brief look at what we do.

We began with a vision of a journey that provided infinite opportunities for children to learn skills online in a fun way. For, if children don't play, they cannot learn. We provide courses that include chess, music, Bharatnatyam, Keyboard, Guitar, writing and Bollywood dance. While some of our students may like our structured curriculum and some may like our teachers. Today,let's look at all things that our kids love about Learner Circle.

Learner Circle Syllabus

In the video, Gayatri Hareeshan speaks about her teacher and the syllabus. The Learner Circle syllabus is simplified and divided into various level. It's structure is student-focussed and makes it easy for the student to progress to the next level.

This is a short testimonial from Enrique Wilson Kissinger who is learning the Guitar with us.

"It is a very good guitar course. I was able to hold all the frets and play chords easily. You have the best teacher. Thank you!"

Learner Circle Teachers

"If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society's heroes."

We have employed some of the best and most qualified tutors. Ours teachers are not only passionate about teaching but they also love working with children. The children's voices are testimony to that.

"I'm learning keyboard, and learning it especially by the teachers in Learner circle makes it easy to understand and play. Thank you :)"

Learner Circle Practice sessions

In a groundbreaking initiative, Learner Circle has decided to provide more support to students. This support comes in the form of free practice sessions. The free practice sessions are available from 7pm to 8pm IST. Pls click on the zoom link, provided in the website; for more details.

"The teacher is very good. The content Learner circle choosed is very interesting to know. The content is very easy to practice. Thank you!"

If you want a free demo on any of our courses, coding or music, please do click on the link below.

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