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Learn Coding at Learner Circle

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Learn Coding at Learner Circle

The growth of technology

In today’s digital world, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. Artificial Intelligence and Coding is identified as one of the cutting-edge innovations of humanity. Almost every industry has been largely impacted and transformed by Technology. Therefore, technology is now considered as one of the most important futuristics skills for the current generations. Keeping this in mind, Learner Circle has designed coding courses for kids who love the world of technology.

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of creating instructions for computers using programming languages. Computer code is used to program the websites, Apps and other technologies we interact with every day.

Why should kids learn coding?

The popularity of coding has grown over the years as it is considered a highly recommended cognitive intervention activity for kids. It has proved to enhance overall brain health and cognitive skills. Kids experience overall growth in memory skills, problem-solving skills and creativity.

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Coding for kids

The coding course at learner circle is split into 3 levels:

At Level 1: 

At this level, the focus is on sequence, fundamental coding blocks, logic structure and loops. 

At Level 2:

At this level the focus is on Events, Ui, Conditions, Loops, Logic structures, games and app creation 

At Level 3:

At this level the focus is on complex loops, advanced logic structures, games with enhanced UI and apps. 

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Coding is fun

Coding at Learner Circle

At Learner Circle we have curated an online coding course for kids of all ages. Our course is designed to enhance cognitive skills and logical reasoning. It focuses on early age development for all kids. Our course is planned at 3 levels to make it comprehensive and progressive. We use platforms such as Turtle/ to teach coding for kids. We have a well-defined curriculum designed to stimulate mathematical ability and coding skills in kids.

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The best online coding course

The Rewards of learning coding at Learner Circle

Kids are awarded level-wise certificates. We also help children with App launches and coding events. Kids will experience overall improvement in logical reasoning.


All our courses are conducted online by expert tutors, Mr. Vasanth and Mr. Muthu. These teachers will go through the courses with them in a systematic manner. Our support team is trained to ensure that the entire course is a great experience for kids.

About Mr Vasanth

Mr Vasanth is working as a programmer in an IT Company. His passion has always been Coding and Technology. This passion also extends to the field of education as he thoroughly enjoys working with kids. His objective is to develop and enhance teaching pedagogies with the aid of technology. He is a driven and goal-oriented individual who loves to motivate young people to nurture their talent and to explore various experiences whenever they can.

He enjoys using his expertise and interest to add value to a student’s learning curve. He displays immense enthusiasm in helping his students, sharing his knowledge and inspiring others. His in-depth knowledge and expertise on coding will help unleash the coding ace in your kid.

About Mr. Muthu

Muthumanikandan, is an engineering graduate in ECE from Anna university, Chennai. He has worked as a Robotics Trainer in IWIZ Android Robo Pvt Ltd for two years. He teaches Scratch, MIT App Inventor and Arduino for younger children. Mr Muthu is intrigued by technology and coding. He has immense passion for children and enjoys watching them grow through technology. His knowledge and thirst to learn consistently is a big value-add to Learner Circle.


Kindly visit our website for more details on our coding course. If you would like to try out a free demo, please click here:


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