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The progress of Chess and its importance for children

8 reasons why you should bother with chess

‘Chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it’s simply about learning and so is life.’ Unknown

A life size picture of historical chess pieces
Chess and its importance

From historical times, when Chess was known as Chaturanga till date, chess has always been a popular mind game. It is because chess is such a stimulating game, it quickly travelled around the world from its Indian point of origin. As it took over the minds of the intelligentsia, the sport of chess evolved. Today, we have numerous tournaments conducted all over the world. These tournaments are organized and ruled by the World Chess Federation. Click here to learn 8 top chess moves.

The beginning of Chess Tournaments

In 1924, an attempt was made to include chess as part of the Chess Olympiad. However, the organizers had some glitches with the event, and it was cancelled. Later that year during the Summer Olympics, the first Chess Olympiad took place unofficially. On the closing day of this tournament, the FIDE was formed. This is how it began. Since then, the FIDE organizes the Chess Olympiads every two years. By the year 2006, the tournament had 133 participating nations. The growth of chess was phenomenal all over the world. Want to know what's happening with the Chess Olympiad this year?

A picture of an ongoing chess tournament
Chess Olympiad

‘Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders’ – Savielly Tartakower

Another prestigious chess tournament is the World Chess Championship. In 1886 Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort battled each other’s minds to be the first reigning World Chess champion. During those times, the FIDE did not control the rules of the game. It was the champion who set the terms, by placing a challenge for the opponent. All this changed in 1946 when FIDE took over. This tournament also has a two-year cycle. It has given the world champions like Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand.

A colourful picture of gigantic chess pieces in a forest and a little girl on the chess chart, who looks lost
Chess and its importance

As the game of chess evolved, so did the tournament styles. Today, organizers follow the Round-robin method, the Swiss-system, or the Knock-out styles to eliminate participants.

Chess at Learner Circle - How we do it : CPL and more!

We at Learner Circle launched our Chess tournament this year for children of all ages. Our Chess Premier League attracted participants from all over the world. The tournament was exciting, and showcased some exceptional talent among the children who participated. In our vision to encourage children on a journey of infinite learning, we included chess in our curriculum. Our short duration online course is extremely popular among children and parents. This after school activity has been curated in a simple structure. This enables kids to progress through the various levels of learning seamlessly.

A poster inviting children to learn chess at learner circle
Chess at Learner Circle

Why bother with Chess?

Studies show that chess help with these abilities in children:

Chess is an excellent activity to develop cognitive skills and logical reasoning.

It also helps children develop strategic thinking and creativity.

It is an intense sport, and it is not surprising that chess exercises both sides of the brain.

It fosters creativity among children.

It helps children struggling with ADHD

It reinforces concentration and memory.

It improves listening skills

It is a great sport that brings people together

Want to inspire a student a play chess?

Movies like Magnus, The Queen of Katwe and Brooklyn Castle all depict young people that rise to greatness in the world of competitive chess.

A cartoon picture of a family playing chess
Chess brings people together

Our Chess curriculum

We have planned a simple curriculum that’s both easy and fun to learn. Our short online course consists of twenty-four sessions for children above the age of 6yrs. Our curriculum includes interesting sessions on pawn promotion techniques and solving tactical problems. We also analyse student’s games and conduct an evaluation of their progress. We have courses at the amateur level and the intermediate level as well. Our tutor, Mr Pon Perumal is an avid chess player and has won many tournaments


Our online chess courses are planned to meet children’s after-school needs. It is a perfect extracurricular activity to improve the skill development levels of children. If you want to know more about our curriculum, pls go to this link:

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