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Book Review : One and Only Ivan

Title: One & Only Ivan

Author: Katherine Applegate

Category: Children’s Literature, Biographical Fiction

Age Group: 8+ years

The story is inspired from a true-life incident.

The protagonist in the story is a Gorilla named Ivan. This heartwarming tale is narrated from Ivan’s perspective.

Published in 2012, the book won the John Newbery Medal for outstanding contribution to literature and many other awards.

The story revolves around Ivan’s life in a mall.

The point of reckoning in the story is when Ivan meets a young elephant (calf). This calf has a tremendous influence on Ivan, changing his perspective on life. He soon learns from the calf that there is life beyond the mall.

The story then takes a turn, portraying Ivan’s role in trying to make life better for everyone.

It is a very interesting story, filled with old-fashioned sentiments and values.

The 3 important lessons from the book for children and parents are:

The values of friendship:

Friends come in different shapes and sizes. Be inclusive.

Empathy towards animals: Animals in captivity struggle a lot as they too have emotions.

The values of perseverance: Life will get tough, don’t give up!

A must read! Include it in your ‘To be read’ list today! You can watch the video of the review here!

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Unknown member
Nov 29, 2021

love this


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