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The magic of football - Be Like Pele

In the #Belike series this week, Learner Circle would like to talk about the journey of Pele to encourage children all over the world to be a rockstar like Pele.

At Learner Circle, our vision is to motivate children into a journey of lifelong learning.

Our digital platform offers a diverse range of online courses of short duration. The curriculum is fun, interesting, and interactive.

We understand that motivation plays a crucial role in encouraging children to learn.

The objective of the #Belike series is to inspire children with appropriate role models. We believe real life stories are a strong point of influence for children, especially if the story involves sport or a sports star.

It is a picture young pele in a yellow and green football jersey
Be Like Pele

The influence of sport on children

For decades now, child and educational experts have emphasized the importance of sport for children.

One of the most important contributions of sport is the enhancement of physical and mental health for children. It also helps children build friendships, improve team building skills and learn about fair play.

One of the most important lessons from sport is learning how to deal with failure.

Our chosen star this week is Pele, whose life had difficulties, like all of us. But he never gave up. So, he became a star.

A black and white picture of Pele playing football.  He is in a crowded stadium.
Be Like Pele

About Pele

Pele is regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time. He is often referred to as one of the most popular sports figures of the 20th century.

He was named as the athlete of the century in 1999 by the International Olympic Committee.

He was also included in the times list of the 100 most important people of the 20th century and one of the most influential role models for young footballers all over the world.

A picture of pele performing a header in a football match. He is surrounded by a team mate and an opponent
Be Like Pele

He started young

Pele began his career at a very young age and was part of his national team at 16 yrs.

During his career he was the all-time leading goal scorer for Brazil. Pele always added zing to the game of football.

His penchant to amaze his fans with his performance made him a star around the world. Pele was the best paid athlete in the world.

Generally, children who invest in passion at a young age are above to develop depth for that passion. Thereby, enabling them to develop expertise in that area faster than their peers.

At Learner Circle we offer courses carefully curated to guide the young learner. We believe in early age development and constantly try to find ways to improve our skill development courses.

His style on the field

Pele displayed amazing versatility on the field. He was one the few players who could switch positions easily on the field. His spectacular dribbling skills were always a delight to fans.

It is important for parents to identify their children’s passion at an early stage. Early guidance always gives more scope for developing creativity and versatility in the field of interest.

His secret to success: Hard work

Pele was very hardworking, even in his youth. He worked as a servant in tea shops. He couldn’t afford private football lessons. His father was his tutor. He couldn’t even afford a football and often played with a sock stuffed with newspaper.

Pele got a lot of his confidence from playing indoor futsal.

Hard work always has and always will be a key indicator for success.

It is important for children to invest time for practice in whatever interest they are pursuing.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book ‘Outliers’, he emphasizes the importance of practice. In fact, he bravely states that anyone who invests 10,000 hours of practice will be able to develop expertise in their chosen field.

Interesting facts about Pele

His name

Did you know Pele is not actually his name? He was born Edson Arantes Do Nascimento. He acquired the nickname Bile from his favorite local goalkeeper. It somehow got mispronounced to Pele.

A picture of Pele wearing a jersey with 10 on it and Pele. He is hugging Batman
Be Like Pele

His first goal

His most memorable goal was scored at Rua Javari stadium. A computer animation was made of this goal as there was no recorded version of this goal.

He scored his first goal when he was 16 and is still considered the youngest goal scorer for his country.

His first World Cup

In 1958, he was the youngest player to participate in the world cup and even became the youngest player in world cup history to score a hat-trick.

His Jersey

He started wearing the jersey 10 in the 1958 world cup.

A picture of older Pele with two other gentlemen. He is holding his No.10 yellow jersey with his name on it.
Be Like Pele

His favorite phrase

He is known for the phrase ‘the beautiful game’.

What can children learn from Pele?

  • Hard work

  • Perseverance

  • Consistency

  • Start early

So, if you like football, run to the field now. If you don’t have a ball, you can always have a sock like Pele did!

If you have any other interests besides football, please visit our website for more details on our various courses. We have a wide range of after school activities planned for children of all ages.

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He is a rockstar


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