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5 Unexpected Ways Clay Art Is Therapeutic

Clay is very versatile and there are so many ways toddlers and even adults can play and experiment with it. Clay allows you to be creative and learn about texture, shape, and form whilst having lots of fun.

The art of pottery is often described as therapeutic and relaxing. While working with clay, your mind, and soul are in natural synergy, wrapped around your creative ambitions and goals.

This artistic clay activity can open up the mind and relieve you of outside worries. There are several therapeutic values available on clay modeling, let us see to that briefly.

Holistic Development

Working with clay is a physical, sensual, and mental experience. The physicality and boundless potential for inventiveness engage our muscles, fine motor skills, vision, and imaginations.

We are at the same time permitting natural sentiments to shape the clay while making detailed decisions about which path we'd prefer to take our piece.

If you start creating models with clay all of your senses start working on simultaneously. Thus it helps in your overall holistic development.

Conscious and unconscious expression

Making clay art is nothing but an extension of ourselves. By creating clay arts, both our conscious and unconscious ideas and desires are expressed.

Clay is tangible, changeable and we can express our feelings through it, We can choose what bowl we want to make or what body we want to sculpt. Through trial and error, we get to know ourselves as an artist and a person.

Yet clay can also serve as a metaphor for our less conscious sentiments and inner worlds.

Clay Art and Meditation

Clay work can be described as a way to get out of your head and into your body, much like meditation. If you start working on clay mostly you tend to work alone, due to this there is a kind of quiet and flow-state resides within you.

Even studies suggest that using clay art as a creative space in your working environment will balance and neutralize your thought process just like a rigid and structured thought.

Clay art stretches you in different ways and it will provide an extremely zen and meditative experience for you.

Provides Calmness

Do you know experts suggest that clay can be used as a way to release your aggression? Yes, clay modeling is one of the finest ways to release your aggression and it eventually provides calmness to you.

Clay is so flexible you can slam, beat, and even punch it, and by doing all these things it provides you a kind of relaxation within you.

You can even suggest your kids to start working with clay art at a very young age so that they learn to control their anger at the young age itself.

Clay art an antidote to today's modern culture

We live in an easy, convenient, and fast-paced environment. With the distraction of our modern devices and day-to-day schedule, we’re chronically harried. We then wonder why we are anxious and looking for an antidote that often doesn't last.

Creating with clay means taking your time because the process can’t be rushed. There are various steps that you need to be followed patiently to get your final product.

If you try to rush it, the clay will make its resentment known by cracking or rebelling in some other way.

Thus this entire clay art process makes us realize that sometimes taking a deep breath and making a process slowly will also provide us fruitful results in life.

A simple irony is that when we touch clay, we’re interacting with the earth, building a relationship with something that’s millions of years old. Yet we are making artworks newly that never existed before.

The clay transcends into a beautifully finished piece of art just like the way you transform into a beautiful human being. Clay modeling inherits a lot of life value to you and it is a great therapy for your soul. So start modeling your art using clay right away!

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