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General wellness and flexibility training for kids.

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What you will learn? As technology intensifies the human experience, people are more stressed with less time on their hands than ever before. This is applicable for both adults and kids. Yoga for kids course brings health benefits and mindfulness to your little ones. Those health benefits include: 1) Reducing stress 2) Regulating emotions 3) Boosting the immune system 4) Increasing mental clarity 5) Improving focus In this course students will learn: 1) How to successfully implement Mindfulness Meditation techniques 2) How to successfully implement BREATH as the foundation for all mindfulness meditations. 3) How to do all the basic level of yogoasanas. The only requirements for this course is that you have a deep desire to learn how de-stress, find peace, and improve the quality of your internal world. Let your little one find inner peace and mindfulness through YOGA!

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Since seats are limited, cancellation of classes is not allowed.

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