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Course Duration: 16 Sessions 
Age: Kids - 4 to 19 & Adult - 20 to 70 +

Guitar Beginner (16 Sessions)

₹17,999.00 Regular Price
₹15,300.00Sale Price
    • Notebook

    • Pen

    • Instrument

  • Session 1: Basic Finger Position

    • Introduction to the guitar and its parts

    • Learn proper posture and hand positioning

    • Introduction to finger numbering

    Session 2: Chromatic Exercises for Finger Picking

    • Basic fingerpicking exercises on one string

    • Focus on finger independence and coordination

    Session 3: Rudiments of Music

    • Introduction to musical notation (notes, staff, and clefs)

    • Understanding pitch and rhythm

    Session 4: Types of Notes and Rests

    • Learn about whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and their corresponding rests

    • Practice counting rhythms

    Session 5: Time Signature

    • Introduction to time signatures (e.g., 4/4, 3/4)

    • Understanding beats and measures

    Session 6: Study of the E String

    • Learning to play simple melodies on the high E string

    • Practice reading basic sheet music

    Session 7: Study of the B String

    • Applying the same concepts as the previous session to the B string

    Session 8: Dotted Notes

    • Introduction to dotted half and quarter notes

    • Practice playing rhythms with dotted notes

    Session 9: Combining 1st and 2nd Strings

    • Start playing simple two-string melodies

    • Focus on string switching and finger coordination

    Session 10: Study of the G String

    • Apply the same concepts to the G string

    • Expand your repertoire of melodies

    Session 11: Combining All 3 Strings

    • Play melodies that involve all three strings

    • Work on precision and finger strength

    Session 12: Tie Notes

    • Learn about tied notes and their duration

    • Practice playing melodies with tied notes

    Session 13: Songs

    • Start learning simple songs using the skills acquired so far

    Session 14: Study of the D String

    • Extend your knowledge to the D string

    • Play more songs and melodies

    Session 15: Combining All 4 Strings

    • Play songs and melodies that involve all four strings

    • Focus on smooth string transitions

    Session 16: Eighth Notes and More Songs

    • Introduction to eighth notes and their rhythm

    • Continue learning and playing songs with more complex rhythms

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