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Coding for Kids

Enhance Logical Reasoning Through Coding at Learner Circle

Level 1

 Sequence, fundamental coding blocks, logic structure and loops

Level 2

Events, UI, Conditions, Loops, Logic structures, games and app creation

Level 3

Complex loops, advanced logic structures, games with enhanced UI and Apps

Learn, grow and build your logical reasoning skills through coding

Coding curriculum by Learner Circle is designed to enable logical reasoning in kids. It's not about coding syntax that will be taught during the course. Platforms such as Turtle / are used to teach coding for kids which use primarily blocks to drive logical reasoning in kids.

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Online LIVE Classes by Our Expert Tutors

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Mr. Vasanth

Coding Tutor

Avatar 90

Mr. Muthu

Coding Tutor

Why is Learner Circle the best choice?


Well defined curriculum to stimulate logical-mathematical ability and coding skills.


Level-wise certificates

App launches

Coding events

Improvement in Logical Reasoning.

Online LIVE Classes

Online LIVE classes by expert tutors who are engaging and have helped kids learn in a systematic manner.

Fantastic support team for a great experience for kids

Why should your child learn coding?

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