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Rubik's Cube For Kids

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Rubik’s Cube Mini-Course (8 Sessions) for 6 to 13 year olds

Course Details

Rubik’s Cube Mini-Course: Duration: 8 Sessions of 1 hour each. Age: 6 to 8 and 9 to 13 age groups Is your child obsessed to organize? That's rare! Let your child boost this skill and develop a bunch of abilities in 8 sessions with this Rubik's cube mini-course now! Skills Learned -Problem Solving -Perseverance (Only 1% of children push through and win) -Increase Speed -Improve reflexes (Flight, Fight or Freeze? Neither. Quick and clear thinking even under pressure) Learning session details Age : Above 8 years Course duration : 8 Hours Who is this course for ? This course is for someone who wants to improve their problem solving skills and speed. Rubik’s cube is the best exercise to train kids' minds. Children who want to keep their mind active can enroll in our Rubik’s cube course. Things Required ● Rubik’s Cube ● Notebook ● Pen What will your child learn ? This course is about getting your kid to solve the most famous puzzle in the world using Rubik's cube. By the end of the course, Your child will learn all the aspects of solving the rubik's cube from start to finish. Takeaways ● Improved speed and agility ● Problem-solving ability ● Enhanced concentration and configuration

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Since seats are limited, cancellation of classes is not allowed.

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