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What kind of children can be good public speakers? How can children become good speakers?

‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’ – Martin Luther King

In our vision to make lifelong learners of children, Learner Circle has developed a public speaking course to help make leaders of children. Public speaking is an important milestone in the skill development journey of children. That is why, we have begun an online course just for children who want to be better speakers and great leaders.

A picture of Martin Luther Kind giving his 'I have a dream' speech
I have a dream

No one forgets a good speech. No one forgets a good speaker. It has been in the past and so it is today, that excellent orators can change the minds and hearts of people and in doing so, change the world.

Are speakers born or made?

Nobody is a born speaker.

What kinds of children take to public speaking more easily? What kinds of children have an aptitude for public speaking? Is it that only certain kinds of personalities can speak well? Do you think Malala was a born speaker?

Public speaking is a skill that anyone can cultivate. It is not an inborn skill and can be learned at any time. However, there are certain traits that accelerate the journey towards being a good speaker

A picture of Malala Yousafzai
Is Malala Yousafzai a born speaker

Confidence: Children who are confident about themselves and have good self-esteem do not hesitate to express themselves in front of a crowd. Confidence comes from just being comfortable with who they are and the people around them. However, different environments tend to bring out different versions of people. Parents may observe what kind of environment brings out the best in their child and nurture that accordingly.

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A picture of a child giving a speech. happy. victorious
Children who are confident make better speakers

Good story tellers: A child who is a good storyteller has all that it takes to be a good public speaker. Children who can spin a yarn effectively have a good grasp on language; have creative minds, the ability to think on their feet and the ability to communicate effectively. Therefore, a good story teller begets a good speaker.

A picture of a room with people interacting with the speaker
Are you a good story teller?

Passion: All effective, successful speakers speak with passion. A good speaker cannot garner the attention of the audience or make a change if the speech is not delivered with conviction and passion. Children, who approach their interests with enthusiasm and passion, will be able to deliver this passion to any stage.

How can children become good public speakers?

  • Study role models: There are leaders of today and leaders of yesterday that make good role models as speakers. In fact, some of the historical speeches have been immortalized. The whole world uses them as reference points even today to get a message across. Some examples of iconic speeches and their speakers are:

Martin Luther King ‘ I have a dream’

Nelson Mandela ‘ I am not afraid to die’

Abraham Lincoln The Gettysburg Address

A picture of a speaker using hand gestures
Passionate speakers make better impressions

  • Work on your body language : When you are delivering an important message, it is important to use the right body language to convince the audience

Use effective movements and gestures. Experts offer the NODS formula when it comes to hand gestures. N- Neutral: keeping hands at your sides. O- Open: This helps to keep the speaker open to the audience. D-Defined: use defined hand movements and gesture sparingly. S-strong: Following these movements, will make your gestures seem strong

A picture of various hand gestures
Hand gestures and expressions

Control the room: Use the space in the room like an actor and you will be able to control the energy in the room. A speaker can project power just by the way they stand and move on stage.

A picture of a speaker controlling the room, with open hands
Control the energy in the room

Use Technology effectively: In today’s world, technology has become a speaker’s prop. It is important to learn how to use it effectively in order to make an impressive presentation.

Facial Expression: Focus on facial expressions in order to be a more effective speaker. The mirror technique will help improve facial expressions. First, practice mouthing the words then practice with words and it will make a big difference to the speech.

A picture of various facial expressions
Facial expressions

Voice: Learning voice modulation and projection of voice enhances the impression a speech has on its audience.

Powerful poses: Assuming a powerful pose just before a speech helps in feeling confident and in control.

A poster on body language and what it conveys
It's what you don't say that counts

Practice: Like any other skill, public speaking requires a lot of practice. The mirror technique mentioned above should certainly make practice more fun and effective. Rehearsing with a friend or a family member before a delivery will ensure an excellent delivery.

A picture of a man practicing the mirror technique
Mirror Technique

Prepare notes: Although good speakers are confident, it does not help to be overconfident. It does help to have notes available to refer to, so an awkward situation can be avoided. This can also ensure that the speaker covers all important points and does not miss out on something important. A well prepared speech is certainly more qualified for history records than one that is not.

A picture of a speaker rehearsing with a friend
Rehearsing is important

Understand your audience: A speaker should be able to understand his audience in order to be able to relate to them and connect with them through his speech.

Record your speeches: This sure way technique to identify flaws while speaking. Accents, pronunciation, tone, voice modulation all can be identified and corrected with this technique.

A picture of a boy giving a passionate speech
A passionate speaker

Take a public speaking class: A class with professional guidance will fine-tune your abilities as a speaker.

A poster of a public speaking course
Public speaking course

Learner Circle has developed a fun program for kids to learn to be effective speakers. It is an online course for a duration of 24 sessions only. If you want to know more about our course, please do not hesitate to visit our website.

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