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Why children should be encouraged to speak up

Confucius, one of many scholars associated with public speaking, taught that if a speech was considered to be a good speech, it would impact the individuals' lives whether or not they listened to it directly or not. His idea was that the words and actions of someone of power can influence the world.”

The benefits of public speaking and how it helps children

Career: Excellent public speaking skills adds a certain sparkle to your resume. It is easier to impress in interviews when you communicate well. It certainly adds an edge to a corporate profile. Being able to communicate effectively at conferences and events helps build credibility. People who have these skills have more confidence and hence do not hesitate to speak up at work. They are also able to present their ideas clearly and professionally.

Expansion of network: A good speaker always garners the attention of the audience. When speakers impress their audience, they automatically expand their network. Speakers who deliver at large, important events will be able to connect to a large audience. These people will take the initiative to build and maintain a relationship. These events are also a valuable platform to develop business contacts, generate business and make friends.

Point of influence: A good message when delivered well, is a point of change, the speaker becomes a point of influence. These speakers always assume a position of leadership in the world around them. They are usually the people who are able to initiate change, spread awareness or share knowledge more effectively and efficiently.

Skills that children develop with Public Speaking

Language skills: Children will learn how to choose words carefully, which words or phrases are more effective than the others. They will be able to speak clearly, with more language fluidity, eloquence and conviction. When children have to prepare or memorize a speech, their vocabulary expands as they learn new words and the context in which it needs to be communicated. They will also begin to reference great speeches from around the world and take the lead from immortal messages from some great leaders around the world. This will help build a repertoire of words for great speeches in the future.

Listening skills: When trying to improve as a speaker, listening skills have to improve. A public speaking course highlights the importance of listening. Most of these courses are curated to improve listening skills. When trying to be a better speaker, people generally make the effort to listen to other people talk about a variety of topics. The ability to listen is in fact crucial to being a good speaker.

Leadership skills: Children who learn to speak well will be able to communicate effectively whenever they want. They will be able to speak about their ideas and thoughts more fluently. This fluency and confidence builds their self-esteem, thereby making them better candidates as leaders. Speaking in front of an audience requires powerful communication skills and the podium has always been the starting point for change. A speaker, who is able to touch people’s hearts and change their minds, becomes adept at the skill of persuasion. This capacity for change and influence is an important trait of leadership.

Negotiation and critical thinking skills: All good speakers can negotiate, convince and make a change. The power of language and communication has always been a strong litmus for change.

When writing a speech, it is important for the speaker to think from the audience’s perspective. A lot of careful thought is required to ensure that the speech fits the needs of the audience. When a speaker starts to think critically about the content of the speech, communication styles also improve.

Overcome fear of being on stage: Public speaking builds confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking and overall performance on stage. This will help children to overcome their fear of being on stage or performing in public. This will also help enhance other kinds of performances on stage. They will not hesitate to take the lead at events, presentations and meetings. It will also help them give impromptu speeches. This is one of the biggest advantages of being good at public speaking.


Learner Circle is ready to make the children around them effective leaders equipped with the best public speaking skills. Our courses have been curated for children who are keen on becoming great speakers or want to improve their chances of being better leaders. A public speaking course will also generally improve communication and listening skills. Our syllabus is fun and interactive. It aims to go through stages of learning carefully and slowly so that children confidently move from one level to another. Don’t be surprised if your quiet child becomes a chatterbox after our public speaking course.

Do not hesitate to visit our website for more details and also if you want a free demo.

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