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Top 7 Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged During Lockdown

Since schools are closed due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, Children’s are getting bored being at home all the time. It is necessary to keep them active during this lockdown period.

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of several countries has declared lockdown. People are forced to stay indoors in order to prevent themselves from this widely spreading virus.

For families where both parents are working this lockdown would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with their children.

Most parents are wondering how to keep their kids active and engaged during this lockdown period. No need to worry anymore!

Following are the top 7 astonishing ways to keep your child engaged during this lockdown

1. Arts and Crafts

Do you have a crafty kid? Nurture his creative spirit by making him engage into arts and crafts.

An easy craft idea at home is the perfect way for any kid to pass their time. Engaging your kids in arts and crafts activity makes them to enhance their creativity skills.

Help your kids to do some quick small DIY projects. Not only kids like crafts even adults will feel happy by doing arts and crafts along with their kids.

2. Teach YOGA

The best way to keep your kids healthy and happy during this pandemic is by making them to practice YOGA.

Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can give children vital life skills. Doing Yoga is great for improving overall health and keeps the energy levels high.

Yoga helps children to manage their anxiety. It improves kid’s emotional regulation and boost’s children’s self esteem. Most important of all yoga enhances kid’s concentration and memory power.

3. Engage Your Kids in Healthy Games

Do you remember games like hide and seek, carom board, chess, snake and ladder, cards and millions of other indoor games you used to play during your childhood?

Well, now it’s time to introduce your kids to those all time favourite games during this lockdown.

With immense advancement in technology kids are getting addicted towards gadgets. Instead of addictive digital games, make quarantine fun for kids by involving them in interactive games.

Teach them those fun interactive games and maybe if possible play with them, it not only makes your kid happy it also makes you to go back to your golden days.

4. Teach New Language

Beginning to learn a new language at an early age is much easier than trying to learn later, because the language center of kid’s brain is still developing.

Learning a new language helps boost children’s cognitive development and makes him or her more receptive to learning in other areas.

It has been found that learning a second language develops divergent thinking and it helps kid’s to communicate with more people from different cultures.

5. Encourage Them to Start Reading Books

If you want your kid’s to explore into outer world during this quarantine then the perfect way is by making them to read books.

Reading books not only improves your child’s vocabulary but it also teaches your kid the basic aspects of life in different way.

Starting to read books at a young age enhances your child concentration and it also improves your child imagination power.

Use this quarantine as a great opportunity to reveal the “magic of reading books” to your kids.

6. Cleaning and Organizing

Did you know that you can actually boost your child's confidence and their maturity level by helping them to create order in their life?

Get your child used to cleaning and by the time when your child reaches high school, they will be able to keep their things organized on their own.

Self discipline has to be nurtured at younger age in order to make your kid as a well organized person in future.

7. Cookery Class

With lots of spare time having in hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring out those little chefs hiding inside our kid’s.

Have them help around the kitchen while you cook and if possible teach your kid’s to cook small dishes.

Quarantine doesn't have to mean boredom. Stay positive and be safe!

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