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The value of quizzing

Teaching pedagogies are evolving and education institutions are exploring more innovative methods to bring the classroom alive. The focus now more than ever is to foster a supportive learning environment for children. It is not surprising to see schools explore various pedagogies like drama, music and art to deliver lesson plans to their classrooms. Even though quizzing is not as popular as it should be, it is a an extremely valuable method to impart learning in children and foster a deep curiosity in children about topics of various interests.

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The importance of quizzing

How quizzing began in India

The magic of quizzing in India began with Neil O’Brien in a Church in Calcutta. He later popularized the ‘Bournvita Quiz Contest’ which was the first quiz show for high school students that was broadcast on radio. A decade later, Siddhartha Basu, who came to be known as the ‘grandfather of the quiz game’ in India, popularized quizzing through his quiz show called ‘quiz time’. This is how quizzing became a household name in India. So, it is not surprising when there was no hesitation whatsoever to replicate America’s ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ with ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’.

The value of quizzing

Quizzing is fun!

It’s a fun way to encourage memory recall and curiosity in children. It helps students practice existing knowledge while stimulating interest in new topics at the same time. It is different from the traditional ways of learning and seems like an easier way to memorize information. It’s a less stressful method of learning and induces enthusiasm for learning even the boring stuff.

Fosters Teamwork

It’s an ideal platform to encourage children to collaborate in groups and automatically fosters teamwork. Children learn the value of co-operation and listening to their teammates. It also encourages out of the box thinking as children come together to brainstorm possible answers and their reasoning behind it.

It helps retain information

According to Roediger, Putnam and Sumeracki (2011) retrieval of information plays a very crucial role in retention of information. You may read more about the same here.

It aids revision

It’s an interesting fun way to revise concepts and facts before an exam. Creating a quiz for a student before an exam, is a less stressful method of revising and retaining information for a longer period. Using key words or phrases to condition learning instead trying to memorise the whole answer is a lot easier for the child. Quizzing aids this kind of learning through flash cards or through innovative methods of quizzing.

It’s amazing for concentration

Have you watched kids in a quiz competition? Their entire focus is on the quizzing and nothing else distracts them from the adventure of trying to find the answers. It’s a fun way to get children engrossed on educational topics as textbooks can get really boring for kids.

It enhances cognitive skills

Quizzing fosters concentration, memory, recall abilities, inference abilities. It also encourages children to communicate effectively and efficiently. It also a good learning tool to improve observation skills and reinforces retention. Therefore, enabling overall cognitive growth. Eg, the quizzing spoke game called 'twenty questions' encourages deductive reasoning and creativity.

Quiz Premier League 4.0

It is because we understand the value of quizzing at Learner Circle, we began the Quiz Premier League! We are happy to announce that the fourth edition of QPL is being launched today at 7.30 pm IST. The link to register is still open : Check out one of the biggest quizzing events of the year.

Our vision is to create an interest in quizzing among children and to foster a love for learning through various platforms. In line with our vision to provide a digital platform for a journey of infinite learning for children, we will continue to find innovative methods to engage children creatively helping to sharpen their cognitive skills at an early age. All our digital programs are curated to promote early age learning and guiding children to reach their developmental milestones in a creative fun way.

For more details on our courses and to participate in any of events, like quizzing or a talent show, kindly visit our website.

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