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The Trendy YouTubers

It is the trendy YouTubers that have accelerated the growth of the creators economy. The world watches in awe as it evolves at breath-neck speed. YouTube has taken the spotlight for creators all over the world. It has become the go-to platform for content, as it also has the appeal of earning revenues for entrepreneurs who experiment with their talent on this platform.

It is not uncommon today to see kids also step into the limelight of YouTube. It is because this social media platform has made it too easy for creators to access and upload their content. Besides it’s user-friendly features, the growing popularity of YouTube influencers like Mr Beast or Mr Ashish Chanchalani has also spawned the growth of this platform. Today more than 50 million creators use YouTube to showcase their skills, their talent or to build their business network.

A poster of the YouTube logo
The Trendy YouTubers

Here's a list of trendy YouTube influencers who have garnered incredible viewership because of their talent like singing or dancing.

Shraddha Sharma

She is a singer, guitarist and actress. She was first noticed at the age of 15 when she rendered a cover of ‘Main Tenu Samjhawanki’ from the movie Virsa on YouTube. A singer from Dehrahun, she started getting a lot of attention for videos on this popular social media platform. This popularity led to her clinching a deal with Universal for a music album. YouTube launched her album at the YouTube FanFest in Mumbai. She has 302K subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Vidya Vox

This singer became a sensation on YouTube for all her mashups. Her renditions are beautiful and she has managed to do mashups with some big names in the music industry. She is an American-Indian, who was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Vidya Vox learned Carnatic music from the age of 5 and was inspired by her grandmother to pursue Indian classical music. She took the Indian viewership by storm with her mashup ‘Closer/Kabira’ with Chainsmokers. It turned out to be one of her most popular renditions on YouTube. She now regularly sings as a part of a band by Shankar Tucker. She has 7.49M subscribers till date.

A picture of Vidya Vox
Vidya Vox of Kabira fame

Aditi Saigal aka DOT

If you love her original ‘Everybody dances to techno’, then you will also love Aditi Saigal. Her music has nuances of Jazz and sounds beautifully soulful. Her music got even more attention after her song was featured on Netflix. She was only 18 when she recorded her first song on YouTube. She went on to study music and creative writing. Aditi is someone who likes to explore and experiment doing different things. She later took on a job as a teaching assistant for special needs students. Aditi has 17k subscribers.

Tushar Joshi

His mesmerising voice has made him one of the best cover singers today. He gained a lot of attention for his rendition of ‘Yeh Fitoor Mera’. He is also an actor and has also worked in popular movies like Chhichhore and Mr Manju. He currently has 55.8k subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Melvin Louis

He is a dancer and choreographer who is extremely popular with the Bollywood industry. His unique dancing style has made him a dancing sensation on YouTube. His recent YouTube video with Nora Fatehi earned him a good 16 million views. Although it is a dance reality show called ‘Dance India Dance’ that catapulted his career, YouTube has been a relevant platform in keeping his work visible with a growing audience every day. He has gathered a total of 3.71 million subscribers with over 16 million views on his channel.


Bhangra Funk with a team of two dancers Chaya Kumar and Shivani Bhagwan. Both these dancers have combined the sassy Bhangra and filmy Bollywood style dance to create a unique dance form that has the whole world going ga-ga over their moves. These two are trailblazers setting a YouTube on fire with their signature moves. Their most popular video is ‘Dil Luteya’ on Jazzy-B’s music. This video garnered a total of 4.4 million views. They currently have a total of 222k subscribers on YouTube.

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