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The Best Thing about Learner Circle: Understanding the power of practice

Every parent in the world wants a brainy child or rather a child that would use their brains! But how do we get children to actively use their brains?

Is going to school enough? Is it enough to enroll them in courses to learn new skills? How do children retain knowledge acquired? How can they become faster, more efficient learners?

The answer to all these questions is: Practice

Experts believe that practice is a great player in the process of myelination. If you don’t already know, this is a very important process in the brain that causes the nerve impulses to travel faster. It is this process that creates an ‘information superhighway’ between the brain and muscles. So, yes! Children will be using their brains a lot more when they practice.

The role of Parents

A lot of parents do not realize the power of practice. They probably tend to forget the fact that practice reinforces knowledge and is the main contributor towards building expertise. This results in parents being indifferent to practice either due to ignorance or lack of time. So, it is found that most parents do not indulge their children in practice because it is time consuming to usher the child ever so often.

Read on to understand the importance of learning new skills and what it means to have the power of practice.

A picture showing mother and child
Mother and child

Learning new skills

When children learn a new skill, it broadens their perspective. This becomes an enriching experience for them. It is a subtle fun way to train the brain to juggle between tasks. But is not learning without practicing a waste of knowledge?

A picture of a girl attempting to learn music
Learning new skills

Consistently and overwhelmingly, studies have shown that experts are always made, not born – HBR

The acquisition of expertise demands a lot of struggle, challenging work, sacrifice, and honest self-assessment.

There are no shortcuts

The power of practice

By engaging in deliberate practice, students will be able to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. To do this a student will require a competent teacher for guidance. Most students take it for granted that their parents will nudge them into a practice schedule. Parents expect teachers to inspire children enough to get into practice sessions themselves, but the truth is that parents either have no time or no patience. Practice requires patience.

A vibrant colourful picture depicting a Bharatanatyam dancer.  It's got vibrant colours as part of the background.
Dance Practice

Most experts believe that it takes at least a decade to attain expertise if time is invested wisely in practice. Therefore, it is important for practice to be deliberate and efficient. Following this strategy will motivate students to learn faster and maximize their training sessions.

In 1985, Bloom published a groundbreaking book called ‘Developing Talent in Young people.’ This book highlighted the most important factors that contribute to talent. Blooms work indicated that there was no correlation between IQ and expertise.

Bloom’s research also threw light on the fact that the quality and amount of practice were key contributors to the level of expertise people achieved. Do you think that Pele became a star overnight?

A poster of 3 boys playing football
Practice makes perfect

One interesting fact that got the attention of the world from Bloom’s work was the fact that all

· outstanding performers had practiced intensively,

· had committed teachers

· had supportive families all through their developing years.

The best thing about Learner Circle - A committed teacher

In an innovative initiative Learner Circle has curated a platform to help our students practice their sessions. Students from all over the world who are training with Learner Circle can enroll for this program. Learner Circle has assumed the role of a committed teacher.

There will be coordinators to help your children follow a regular schedule so that they will fall into the habit of practice. Eventually, these children will develop their own rhythm and strive toward perfection without that extra nudge. The Learner Circle program will help your child to:

· follow a deliberate practice routine

· have a quality practice session

· provide feedback and timely evaluation

· provide timely guidance on technique and playing style

Our practice sessions are online everyday between 7pm to 8.00 pm IST. The link for the same will be provided on our website.

A poster of all the courses at learner Circle
Learner Circle Practice Sessions

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