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Sudha Chandran The Epitome of Pursuing Passion!

Who is Sudha Chandran?

Sudha Chandran is a celebrated Bharathanatyam dancer, TV anchor, actress, and reality show host and judge. She is a regular in television serials and has a great fan following. But these are not the only reasons for which she is famous. She is an inspiration for humanity. She has inspired people with her passion for dancing with a prosthetic leg. She is a true example of pursuing passion and living on your terms.

Sudha Chandran was born in Mumbai. But her family hails from Trichy. She was the only child of her parents, KD Chandran and Thangam. Her father, KD Chandran, was a veteran actor.

Sudha took Bharathanatyam dancing lessons at a very young age. She was a hardworking student in school. She scored 80% in her 10th board exam and stood first. She decided to pursue the arts instead of science, as she wanted to focus more on dance. She had done many stage shows and was looking forward to a career in dance, as she loved Bharathanatyam.

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Rising Above Struggles: Her Inspiring Journey

At the age of 16, she met with an accident and had a fracture and some cuts. Unfortunately, it resulted in gangrene, and they had to amputate her right leg a few inches below the knee. At that moment, Sudha realized her passion for dancing. It was a very tough time for Sudha. Her family was heartbroken. But they decided to fight back. The road to recovery was long. But she overcame all her obstacles. She received a prosthetic Jaipur foot and underwent physiotherapy for 3 long years. All for the love of dance. 

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She did her first dance show at St. Xaviers College with her prosthetic leg. The show was a big success. After the show, her father, KD Chandran, was overcome with emotion and touched her feet, saying that she was Goddess Saraswathi Herself. After the dance show, she received a lot of media attention. She got an offer to act in a film based on her love for Bharathanatyam. It was a Telugu film called "MAYURI.” She received the National Film Award- Special Jury Award for her performance in the movie. The same movie was made in other South Indian languages. 

But after her first movie, her subsequent movies did not do very well. She waited patiently and played the roles that came her way. She was a fighter and not a quitter. She did her B.A. at Mithibai College of Arts and had an M.A. in economics. People told her that she was not cut for the acting industry. They advised her to quit acting and take up a job. She could have taken up a lucrative job, but she had made up her mind to continue dancing and acting. Things took a turn when she was offered roles in TV serials. After that, there was no looking back. She attributes her decision to act in TV serials as the most important reason for her career to span more than 25 years.

Sudha Chandran married associate director Ravi Dang in 1994. Among her many accomplishments, Sudha Chandran has received an honorary doctorate from Invertis University, Bareilly, and many other accolades for her various roles in movies.

Today, Sudha Chandran is an icon in her field and an inspiration to many who have struggled in life. She is a brand ambassador for our country, as she travels all over the world to showcase our art and culture. In one of her interviews, Sudha’s message to the world was, ‘I can only say don’t be a victim of stress and distress. Just go out in the world and strive for what you want to become.’

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