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Sudha Chandran the epitome of pursuing passion!

Don’t Give up

Are you facing any struggles with your life? Or something as simple as being consistent with your practice sessions for the art you are pursuing? Then read this story.

Sudha Chandran is a well-known Bharatnatyam dancer in India. Her story is both inspiring and unbelievable. Sudha Chandran was born in Mumbai, but her family originates from Tamil Nadu. She started dancing at the age of 3 and later went on to become a successful actress who has acted in many movies.

In May 1981, when she was about 16 years old, Sudha Chandran met with an accident in Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, gangrene formed on one of her legs and it had to get amputated. For Sudha, this was the toughest time of her life. She did regain her mobility with the help of a prosthetic Jaipur foot and in the most inspiring fashion got back to performing Bharatnatyam all over the world.

Sudha Chandran has won many accolades and awards for her work. In 1985 she was awarded the National Film Award- Special Jury Award for the Telugu film Mayuri which is based on her life. The film was such a big success that it was made in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Sudha played herself in all the versions. The movie is an overwhelming, inspiring experience. It is a must watch for all those who love Bharatnatyam.

Here is a video of her performance

Among her many accomplishments, Sudha Chandran has received an honorary doctorate from Invertis University, Bareilly and many other accolades for her various roles in movies.

Today, Sudha Chandra is an icon in her field and is an inspiration to many who have their own struggles in life. She is a brand ambassador for our country as she travels all over the world to showcase our art and culture.

In one of her interviews, Sudha’s message to the world wasI can only say don’t be a victim of stress and distress. Just go out in the world and strive for what you want to become.’

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