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Should you pursue a career in chess?

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Choosing chess as a profession


To work on a professional level in any industry, it is important to acquire expert-like skills. This expertise will naturally widen opportunities in different arenas of the chosen field. Therefore if you chess as your profession, it’s important to show your success through achievements that will improve individual credibility amongst intense competition. Acquiring a skill like chess also enhances other important skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, and cognitive abilities. These skills also broaden horizons in terms of career opportunities. It is important to explore other avenues that require a little more versatility and adaptability along with the skills of chess. This way chess does not present itself as a limited career option but an option that offers infinite possibilities when creatively combined with other skills. For example, being a speaker on the importance of mind games like chess or being a professional consultant on building a chess career are fields that can be explored. A good combination of the following could offer the opportunity for a variety of jobs. Some examples include:

  • Chess Coach: Teaching skills and chess knowledge

  • Chess Journalist: Reporting skills and chess knowledge

  • Chess commentator: communication skills and chess knowledge

  • Chess Programmer: programming skills and chess knowledge

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Some of the top Career Opportunities in Chess in the world today are:

1) Professional Chess Player

When it comes to chess this becomes the most obvious option for a professional career. It’s important to choose the right tournaments to improve skills and gain experience. The FIDE tournaments are the most popular among chess professionals, as it is an international platform that offers great competition, opportunities to grow and to gain visibility in the world. These tournaments also offer attractive cash prizes and therefore draw the best talent from around the world. To win a tournament a player needs to practice, practice and practice. Competing at an international level tournament like FIDE requires a lot of experience, skills, and a strong mindset. It is not an easy task. Anyone anyone who chooses to become a professional chess player must work towards that goal with single-minded focus and persevere even when the journey becomes difficult.

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2) Chess coach

A passion to teach and excellent chess skills naturally paves the way towards being a chess coach. The world of chess and the level of competition has grown tremendously these days. Technology has increased the playing field ten-fold. This craze for chess seems not to cease, therefore opening out more opportunities for chess coaches. A player who wants to explore this field will need to find ways to improve FIDE ranking and credibility among the chess fraternity. An advantage would be to live in a city where chess is popular and chess players are highly sought after. A chess coach can expand his student community online as many players are willing to improve their skills through digital classes owing to the convenience. Therefore, a coach in India can also connect with students from other parts of the world and vice versa. Students now can access the best coach in the game even if the coach is from a different country. The internet also offers opportunities for one-on-one coaching, or a group class and a coach can charge accordingly.

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#3. Chess Arbiter

An arbiter is a person who acts as a referee of a chess game in a professional tournament. A player who has professional skills and has participated in professional tournaments will understand the role of an arbiter easily. It is important for an arbiter to know all the rules and regulations to be followed in a chess tournament. Every chess tournament needs an arbiter, like any other sport. Therefore, the role of an arbiter is quite crucial in professional chess. A player who loves chess and wants to invest all of his passion into chess, may explore the role of an arbiter professionally. Players can start off at grassroot levels to gain experience in this role and then move onto bigger tournaments. It will also help to build a strong network with other arbiters to build personal branding.

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You can be what you wanna be

#4. Chess Programmer

A chess programmer is also in great demand these days as chess programming offers different dynamics to the game. A player who loves programming and is also proficient in chess can explore this field.

Chess programming offers many opportunities to explore. Chess programs are generally used for game analysis. Many big organizations have positions for programs who have knowledge of chess, aiming to build various chess apps or programs. This field also has the option of working as a freelancer and it is possible to use coding skills to acquire a customer base. A chess programmer may also develop an app if he has the ingenuity to make one that connects with chess lovers.

#5. Chess Reporter

A chess reporter is required at all chess tournaments that take place the world over. A chess enthusiast who possesses good speaking and reporting skills can explore this professional arena. This field has great potential and immense versatility. A chess reporter can build a personal brand or work with large organizations.

#6. Chess Commentator

With the growth and expansion of technology, the number of tournaments being streamed online has increased exponentially. Thereby, increasing the need for chess commentators. Anyone with excellent communication skills and a great command over chess can explore this field. With a lot of practice and perseverance, it is possible to achieve remarkable things in this field.

#7. Chess Book Writer

This is a great field to explore. Anyone who loves to write and has expertise in the game of chess, can use their skills to spread awareness on chess. A chess book that’s creative, insightful, and unique is bound to a big hit with chess lovers. Imagine being able to be an author of a chess book. Other options include exploring the idea of a biography, writing articles on chess strategies and tricks. Expanding contact and networking with book publishing companies that are reputable can help to accelerate publications. However, this is a good career option to explore if you have another income stream coming in.

#8. Online Chess Content Creator / chess influencer

The internet is booming with opportunities for content creators. A chess content creator can dabble with YouTube videos, blogs, Instagram posts or vlogs. This platform has a huge audience, and it accelerates the connection with chess enthusiasts the world over. However, the content needs to be unique and engaging to garner attention and reach. It is important to build skills on content optimization and drive traffic to the content. With creative skills and unique idea generation it is easy to build a brand and gain recognition as a chess content creator online. This recognition will garner collaboration with big brands or organizations.

This field has lots of potential for earning as long as you can establish a good portfolio, connections, and experience as a freelance chess writer. Working For Chess Federations

9) Another interesting arena to explore in the chess field is opportunities within the Federation of the Chess fraternity. Being able to get a position with an International Chess Federation is quite lucrative and prestigious. For this career path, one has to actively look out for opportunities in these areas.


It is important to recognize professional strengths and skills to choose the right field to explore. While there are many avenues that need the skills of a chess player, there should be a strong connection between the needs of the organization and the skill of the employee. Therefore, it is important to do adequate research and build the right awareness on the skill set that the job demands to be able to make significant contributions in the chosen field. If you are looking for courses for your child, please do visit our website for more information or a free demo.

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