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Fun Outdoor activities for children

Richard Louv’s 2005 book, Last child in the woods, talks about the effects of the lack of green in children’s lives, calling it the ‘nature-deficit’ disorder. If you think that your child is heading in that direction, then it’s time to pull your socks (literally) and head out for some games. Learner Circle has listed out some really fun outdoor activities for children.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activity recommendations for children.

A picture of mom and child in the outdoors
Outdoor Activities for children

Treasure Hunt

This is an exciting game that can get adventurous and has some serious fun elements in it.

How to play the game

a) Choose a theme

b) Plan your route

c) Choose your locations along that route, a swing, a hammock etc.,

d) Build your clues based on the number of participants, put them in numbered envelopes

e) Get help from the neighbors or helpers along the route prior to the race. This way, you can have some assistance with the clues.

f) Plan well and set up the clues in advance.

g) The number of clues should be according to the number of teams, the final clue should all lead to the same destination. The team that reaches first is the winner.

h) Have extra clues handy for contingencies.

i) Make sure the children are briefed clearly about the ground rules

j) Have some adult volunteers accompany the kids on the hunt.

Get Sporty

Encourage your child to get sporty. Depending on what your child prefers, you can get creative with the game. Many establishments have set up indoor courts for games like football and cricket. Making these sports more popular than ever. With the rise in exposure to games like tennis and badminton, parents can really take advantage of this and encourage children get on the field as often as possible.


There is nothing more fun than a good trek on the hills or through a forest. Once you find a highly recommended trail, find a guide if you need one. Get disconnected from the world wide web and connect with nature instead.

Kids trekking
Trekking is a good outdoor activity

Water Balloons:

This is a fun game, if you don’t really want to step out, but still need to have some fun.

How to play the game

Fill up balloons with water

Have at least a bucket of balloons

Take to your yard or balcony.

Then the participants can take turns sitting on it and trying to burst it.

You can even make teams if you have enough participants


Getting into a pool is a good distraction for children. Children just love being in the water and it’s a great way to keep them away from their devices. The pool offers a lot of ways for entertainment, but little children must be supervised. If you have more than one child, then it’s possible to get to compete with their lap timings. This way you can throw in some exercise as well.


Going to the beach is always on top of the list, if you are in the coastal region. The beach offers a lot of promise. The kids can choose from beach ball, surfing, having a picnic or simply going for a walk on the beach. Parents can also plan activities depending on the child, some children really enjoy collecting shells or pebbles on the beach. Later this could be used to upcycle a bottle or carton as another fun activity at home.

7 tiles

This is a good community game, if you have a bunch of kids in your neighborhood. All you need to play this game are 7 tiles, a ball and two teams

Place the tiles in a straight pile in a central zone

The team that wins the toss gets to hit the tiles down first with a ball (tennis ball) that’s thrown across a straight line leading to the tiles. (seekers)

The seekers must restore the tiles, while trying to avoid the throws from the opposing team. The objective of the throwers is to get one of the seekers with the ball before they restore the tiles.

A child playing in the sand. Outdoors is good for children
Sand/ Beach Play


It is so easy to tempt children to get out of the house if they love cycling. It would be fun, if you identify a safe track for the kids to explore around the neighborhood.

Community Service

Engaging children in community service is a good way to keep them outdoors. Planning a visit to an orphanage or an old age home is a good learning opportunity for children. Children will love interaction and will learn to connect with people less privileged than themselves.


If your locality has a zoo, you probably have already scheduled a visit for your young one. If you have not yet, then it must be on your ‘to-do’ list. The great thing about the zoo is that you can go back again and again. Children have this innate ability to connect with animals. It brings out a more compassionate side to them.

Playing Picasso

Get your kids to the yard or terrace. All you need is some chalk and a blackboard. If you have some granite surface on your terrace, even that will work. Let your kid play Picasso. Most often kids get really engaged when they are given the freedom to create something. You will find your little Picasso super engrossed in scribbling.

Sack race

Now, who doesn’t enjoy a sack race? If you don’t have access to a sack, all you need is some old pillow covers.

Help your child slip into one and lead the way. Once children get the hand of running with a sack, it gets to be a lot of fun

A group of children playing tug of war
Tug of War is a good outdoor game

Obstacle race

Some creativity can be applied to create obstacles for children to jump or climb over. Water cans, buckets, bricks, ropes all make good obstacle objects. Parents can modify the race based on the space, the age of the child and the capability of the child. This is a fun physical activity and an easy way to slip into your child’s routine.

How Learner Circle can help your children if they cannot step outdoors these days!

We, at Learner Circle, do hope you have fun playing these games with your little ones or big ones. In case you live in a place, where you cannot step out now due to the contagion, please do visit our website for some interesting activities for children of all ages.

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Learner Circle Activities

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