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Conversation with QPL Winner - Aadya Jaiswal

We are very excited about the results of the Quiz premier league conducted by learner Circle recently. The QPL was part of our talent spotlight initiative to bring together talented children across diverse areas.

Aadya Jaiswal shares about his learning, experience during QPL and areas of interests.

Aadya is ten years old and is a student of St. Anne's Convent School. Aadya did not feel confident when he first entered the competition. But his mother encouraged him to take part and since he felt he had nothing much to lose, he decided to take part.

His favourite moment

His favourite moment of the tournament was the moment his name was announced as a winner. The funny thing was he did not want to join but his mother was insistent so he gave it a try.

How did he get to know about the QPL

He got to know about QPL through his mother who informed him he had to take part when he came home after a football match.

The Challenging Part

The most challenging part of the QPL was to answer the first 40 questions in 7 minutes. He knew the answers but the challenge was to be able to manage the time and answer the questions correctly.

His hobbies

He likes coding and playing video games. He learnt coding on his own, he often uses coding languages Scratch and HTML to write his programmes. He is not really a fan of watching long movies and serials. He also hates getting way too much homework.

If you have not seen the finals of QPL 3.0, check this video out.

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