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6 Interesting Ways to Impress Your Friends with Nail Arts

Who isn't fond of stunning and beautiful nails that look attractive and bring in compliments? Nail art designs are the best way to style your nails and make them look elegant.

I am sure many women are crazy about their nails. Of course, we all want to have attractive nail art designs. But many don't know to do their nail designs by themselves.

Don't worry! Read on to discover an easy and beguiling way to style your nails.

Water Marble

This nail art design is a new and innovative way. Even it can be used as a funky way to redesign your nails.

Water Marble nail art doesn't take much time. All you just need is nail polish and water to do it. Just take a cup of water and drop different colors of nail polish on the water surface.

Use needles to create patterns in the water surface and dip your nails inside the water to deport the pattern onto your nails. Even you can use multiple designs using this technique.

Graffiti Nails

This technique is a cool and colorful way to design your nail. Even this type of nails can be achieved through an easy method.

At first, apply a white base on your nail, even you can also use any other shade. Dip a toothbrush with paint of your choice and sprinkle it gently upon your nail.

You can repeat the same technique using different colors and you can remove the extra edges using acetone.

Dual Tone Design

This design is one of the coolest and classy nail designs. You can wear it to work, it even makes you look effortlessly fashionable.

It is a general myth that nail art designs are applicable only for people who are having long nails. But this design broke the myth. You don't need to have long nails to try this out.

It is a great option for trying out this nail art design at home for those who are having short nails. You can apply this design by using scotch tape.

First, apply a black coat as the base, then paste scotch tape diagonally, apply the layer of another color on the uncovered section, and after it dried pull of the tape.

Polka Dots

This design looks really look cute and dazzle with all your outfits. Even this is a really easy technique to do.

Apply your favorite nail polish and draw dots over it. You can draw dots using a bobby pin or thin pointed brush. Use different nail colors and repeat the same dots process.

After it dried, add a transparent topcoat for a radiant finish. You don't even have to spend so much time in making this design. A cute design within a short period is definitely a treat for your nails.

Sponge Bob Design

You can easily design your nails using this technique. You can design in an achromatic manner using this method.

First, start with applying base color for your nails and let it dry. Meanwhile, apply another color of nail polish on the sponge and dab it over your nails.

You will get a well-finished gradient look. You can even apply a transparent coat on the top to give it a matte finish.

After applying your design you can remove the extra edges using the acetone(Nail polish remover).

Floral Nails

This is one of the easiest nail art design which can be done at the comfort of your home, especially if you love flowers.

What makes this design so fascinating is how intricate it looks as opposed to the easy way in which you can create it.

Create a base and dip the thin nail art brush to create flowers. Use another color to accentuate the flower. Seal in the design by applying a transparent coat on the top.

Have fun by creating astonishing nail arts without much effort. Still reading! It's time to decorate your nails.

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