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Mental Maths for Kids

Making Mathematics Simpler and Faster

Level 1

Add, Subtract, Fraction and Percentage through Sutras

Level 2

Complex multiplications, solving puzzles

Level 3

Solving competitive exam level problems and mastering them

A well-designed curriculum to help kids enjoy mathematics

Maths is not tough. We have created a curriculum with the help of expert tutors to engage kids productively online and learn maths in the fun way. Kids get to know short cuts to calculate, decode complex problems and start solving puzzles.

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Why should your child take the Mental Maths Course at Learner Circle?


Comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance cognitive thinking and logical-mathematical ability

Support Team

A friendly support team to handle all queries and requests.


 Best techniques to master quick maths

Level-wise certificates from Learner Circle

Online Classes

All our courses online LIVE classes conducted by a qualified teacher


Our tutors are selected through a meticulous screening process. Notes, practice material provided

Cognitive Skills

Help kids to.

Display critical & abstract thinking skills

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