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Two girls, Rosie and Mary, have a sleepover, during which they watch T a horror movie and play a mysterious game resembling the one in the movie. They invite twin sisters, Ellie and Elliana, to join them. Elliana disappears during the game, and they later find a threatening note and a bloody knife in Ellie's room. They search for Elliana, eventually finding her locked in a cupboard. Rosie confesses that her parents warned her never to play the game. The girls confront Rosie, who feels guilty for not revealing this earlier. Ellie forgives Rosie, but Mary and Eliana decide to leave. Rosie wakes up from a coma, realizing her experience was a dream. Determined to uncover the truth, Rosie tries to open the attic door, but her father refuses. With her friends help, they attempt to open the door but ultimately decide to let go of their curiosity and live happily ever after.
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Play or get trapped

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  • Yana Mirchandani

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