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We keep complaining about our education system that it never lets us understand the world of Finance. It created so much fear that we started hating Finance. The truth is we struggle to set things right in our life inspite of earning well than an average man. How about letting your child explore this?

Introducing Financial Literacy For Kids!

At the end of the course, you child will understand:

1. Earnings Vs Expense

2. Banking system

3. Interest rates

4. Loan/ EMI

5. Taxes

6. Importance of Assets

7. Various asset types and their importance

8. Understanding Liabilities

9. Job Vs Business

10. Understand insurance

11. A project to prepare a profit and loss statement


If you wish to gift your child a tool for their life, here is one of them in front of you! Take the step today and let your child be confident about handling money.


For more details and please whatsapp us at +919500002463

Financial Literacy For Kids

  • Number of classes: 10

    Duration of one class: 60 minutes

    Mode: Online LIVE interactive classes on GMEET

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