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Wow! What a display of talent at Learner Circle's CPL 1.0

The Swiss Chess tournament conducted on 23 October 2021

We are absolutely elated, jubilant, proud and amazed at the success of our first ever Swiss Chess tournament conducted live on 23 October 2021. The event was hosted by Mr Abhi Joshi, a Chess player. The event was streamed live on YouTube. Mr Abhi Joshi began by explaining interesting strategies to the eager participants.

We were absolutely amazed to have 137 participants from all over the world register for our event. When we began, this is the kind of story we envisioned for children all over the world. A vision of creating a platform of infinite learning for children all over the world. The Swiss Chess tournament was another step towards forming a network of like-minded children to interact and learn from each other. Last evening was testimony to what we have been striving towards ever since the inception of this journey. The tournament was conducted for children from the ages 5 to 16yrs. We are delighted at the level of talent and enthusiasm displayed at the event.

The Swiss Chess Tournament format

The distinctive feature of a Swiss Chess tournament is that no player gets eliminated. Every player gets the opportunity to play every round. The winner is the player with the highest number of points at the end of the tournament. However, in a Swiss tournament, it is not necessary that every player plays against every player. If there are too many participants, then it is possible that there will not be enough rounds for a participant. This system was first tried out in Zurich in 1895 by Julius Muller and is today used in many other tournaments for games like Scrabble and Bridge.

We, at Learner Circle, decided to go with the Swiss tournament method because it avoids the need to eliminate players at the very beginning. We wanted to use this platform to reach out to children all over the globe, thereby changing their lives in a positive way. Usually, children get discouraged when eliminated in the first rounds of a tournament. This tournament’s purpose was to encourage children to channelise their cognitive energies into activities like chess. We know the tournament’s strategic game plan has motivated participants to be better chess players.

The top ten

It was an overwhelming evening watching 137 participants from the world over, focus, concentrate and indulge themselves in strategic thinking mode. Every participant was engrossed in planning their next move, rapidly trying to think creatively on how to outsmart the opponent. We are confident that this tournament has had a strong impact on the attitude of the participants towards the chess game and its challenges. We believe that we are going to have participants with a lot more passion and zest for the next tournament.

We would like to congratulate all the children who participated in the event. Parents and children will be pleased to note that we have recorded some important turning points in some of the interesting matches. Mr Abhi Joshi analysed the players moves and their thought process through live commentary throughout the tournament. Towards the end of the tournament, Mr Abhi Joshi analysed the winner’s board. He highlighted important points like the speed of his game and his strategic planning that were pivotal to his winning the tournament. A big applause to the children who featured in the top ten players of the tournament.

Top 10 players (Rank No. 1 to Rank 10)

  1. Prabanjan. A (Winner of the tournament)

  2. Luthfi Abdul Jaleel

  3. Tay Wei Xiang

  4. Lee Chee Xuan

  5. Ratheesh Gnanadoss

  6. Reuben Aji John

  7. Jahnavi Upadhyayula

  8. Adwit K Mishra

  9. Yoga Sriram Pandi

  10. Ashwin M

The next tournament is coming soon

We would like to thank all the Chess tutors of Learner Circle who helped us organise this event successfully. We would also like to extend a special note of thanks to Mr. Pon Perumal for structuring the event for us.

We have received positive feedback about this event and are all geared to host the next chess tournament. Please stay tuned to our website for more details on the same.

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