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What is so fascinating about Paper Quilling?

Paper quilling is a popular craft where strips of paper are fixed together to create gift bags, decorative boxes, or pieces of art.

Though it is less popular compared to other craft hobbies such as scrapbook, origami, or candle making, quilling has its own warm appeal.

Nowadays, especially during this lockdown period, the popularity of quilling is raising among the people across the globe. There are several reasons for this sudden hit of quilling craft among kids and adults.

Here are some of the reasons that have contributed to the rise of paper quilling art.

Easy to learn craftwork

When compared to other paper arts, quilling is so easy to learn and it is the most rewarding craftwork. Generally, quilling is an extremely easy technique to pick-up.

The beauty of quilling lies in its simplicity and attractive look. All you need to do is master the basic techniques of quilling and make sure to create uniform sizes.

Within a few hours of spending your time in quilling, you can come up with beautiful creations of craftwork. Even, within a short period, you'll be an expert in this craftwork!

Paper Quilling - Affordable craftwork

To start your craft venture all you need is paper sheets, a quilling tool, and glue. In fact, Paper quilling tools are so economical, they are moderately priced.

You don't need a large shopping list to start this crafty venture. With just a Quilling Tool and a single packet of Quilling Paper, you can start creating your own beautiful creations.

It is best if you cut your own strips so you can customize your design and can also avoid too much paper spoilage. You can either buy a quilling tool or improvise by using a long needle.

A perfect toy

Worried about spending too much on your kid's toys? Don't worry! Quilling can be a wonderful alternative toy for your kids.

In fact, do you know that Paper quilling is gaining popularity among kids as a fun and creative play option! Yes, with the evolution of tools and techniques which are available in quilling, kids can create their own toys to play.

This will definitely paves way for your child's imagination and creativity.

By using the technique of 3D quilling, your child can easily make a scaled 3D model of any object- be it his/her favorite superhero or a castle.

Paper Quilling Stimulates the Brain Activity

Do you know taking part in quilling stimulates the mind as well as develops motor skills? Yes, practicing Paper Quilling regularly will stimulate your brain activity significantly.

Recently, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester conducted research and concluded that engaging in quilling may protect neurons or the building blocks of the brain, from dying.

This craftwork stimulates the growth of new neurons or may help recruit new neurons to maintain cognitive activities in old age.

"This type of hobby improves brainpower in old age", stated by researchers.

Enhances Creativity

Much like classic creative arts such as origami or clay modeling, quilling offers a creative landscape. You can put up your imagination and creativity highly in this craftwork.

With the known basic quilling techniques, you can let your imagination soar to make just about anything. Your quilling creativity can be unrestricted by form or dimension.

There are many options to showcase your innovations- quilling cards, quilling flowers, quilling jewelry, and even you can make quilling festival decorations for your home.

Whatever be your reason to start quilling, once you start working on it definitely you won't regret it! Even, at your very first creation, you will immerse yourself in the creative and playful world of paper quilling.

It all lies in your imagination and a little amount of spark is needed to let your imagination convert into beautiful creations. In short, quilling embodies the phrase " Freedom of Expression."

So, it's time to make some wonderful Quilling designs! Enjoy!

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