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Review of QPL 4.0…………..and the winners are:


The Quiz Premier League is a quizzing event conducted by Learner Circle quarterly for children of ages 8-12 yrs from all over the world. The vision of the Learner Circle is to foster futuristic skills in children by nurturing their passion and helping them be better leaders through various digital learning platforms. The quizzing event is meant to build a curiosity for learning in children, thereby creating a generation of learners equipped with futuristic life skills and cognitive capabilities.

QPL 4.0 began on an extremely exciting note with a large number of participants from all over India and the Middle East. The participation was immense and the level of interest from everyone was outstanding. The first round was an elimination round which was conducted through an online link.

The quiz masters Arun and Siva hosted the semi-final and final rounds with some interesting questions. The format was creative and offered children a variety of topics to choose from. Anuradha and Arul conducted the YouTube live sessions and kept the audience glued to their screens with some interesting questions.

After the elimination round, the quiz masters conducted two semi-final rounds and the finals had three rounds. The results were as follows:

Semi-finalists 1

Awadh Abdul Khader

Aadya Jaiswal

Arushi Shankar

Saanvi Agarwal

Semi-finalists 2

Vyshnav Santhosh

Kiaan Nathan (who was the youngest participant of the night)

Adwaith Arun Nair

Prajwala Peddireddy

The top 4

Awadh Abdul Khader

Saanvi Agarwal

Kiaan Nathan

Adwaith Arun Nair

Fourth place: Awadh Abdul Khader

Third runner-up : Saanvi Agarwal

Second runner-up: Kiaan Nathan

Winner: Adwaith Arun Nair

We would like to congratulate all the participants and the winners for their participation. The prizes and certificates will be sent directly to the participants shortly.


Learner Circle is already looking forward to hosting the next edition of QPL following the amazing participation and success of QPL 4.0. We truly believe that Quizzing can play a crucial role in the learning journey of young learners. We are very eager to find more methods to impart learning to children to assist them in their cognitive growth and overall personality development.

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