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QPL 4.0 - What Should You Expect?

After the successful editions of QPL Season 1, 2 and 3 Learner Circle is now back with its newer edition of the LIVE Online Quiz.

Have a look at the earlier QPLs here;

QPL will be a Trivia Quiz covering General Knowledge, Sports, Science, and Current Affairs among other facts.

  • The first round will be an Online Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type quiz that has to be answered at a rapid pace. The selected candidates who clear the cut-off will be taken to the next round for a LIVE interactive quiz.

  • The event will then be in a tournament format with two Semi-Finals and the top 8 from the MCQ quiz will participate in this. Top 2 from each Semi-finals will then play the Grand Finale.

  • The Grand Finale round will be electrifying with several rounds of quizzing including, Audio / Video questions, connecting the dots, rapid-fire round, etc. Overall it gets tougher as you reach the end!


The host for the event Siva Chandrasekaran, Arun, and Prakash Krishnan are technology professionals and pro-quiz masters. QPL is the largest Online Quiz show of the international Indian community.


QPL 4.0 is a trivia quiz and shall cover a wide range of topics from Sports, History, World Politics, Cinema, Science, Or anything under the sun or beyond (Just Kidding! But be prepared)


Step 1: Subscribe to Learner Circle’s Youtube Channel as soon as you register. You will be notified on the day of QPL - (Search Learner Circle in YouTube)

Step 2: Join the "Learner Circle Events" channel: which will be sent to your Email ID

Step 3: Instruction for the first round will be given there

What happens in the Preliminary Round?

  • The preliminary round will be conducted in the given link and will be open only for 15 minutes

  • Only single participants are allowed

  • Results will be announced within 10 minutes and a zoom link will be sent to the semi-finalists.


  • Each semi-final will have four participants and will be conducted in a Tournament format

  • Each tournament will consist of two rounds.


  • The top two from each semi-final will be selected to the Grand Finale

  • Two power-packed rounds, before we decide on the winners

"Organising committee's decision will be final"

Visit:​ for more information and registration.

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