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QPL 3.0 - Do you know how to crack it!

After the successful editions of QPL Season 1 and 2 Learner Circle is now back with its newer edition of the LIVE Online Quiz. This time it's truly international.

Have a look at the earlier QPLs here;

This September is Learner Circle's Trivia Fest time with Quiz Premier League 3.0. QPL 3.0 is the Largest International Online Trivia Fest for children aged 8 to 15 years. Whether you are a guesser or a quizzer, try your hand at this now!

Winners bag INR 25000 worth of prizes. Encouraging your children to participate in such events will surely kindle their brain cells, boost their confidence and public speaking abilities.

QPL will be a Trivia Quiz covering General Knowledge, Sports, Science, and Current Affairs among other facts.

  • The first round will be an Online Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type quiz that has to be answered at a rapid pace. The selected candidates who clear the cut-off will be taken to the next round for a LIVE interactive quiz.

  • The event will then be in a tournament format with Four Semi-Finals and the top 16 from the MCQ quiz will participate in this. Winners of the 4 Semi-finals will then play the Grand Finale.

  • The Grand Finale round will be electrifying with several rounds of quizzing including, Audio / Video questions, connecting the dots, rapid-fire round, etc. Overall it gets tougher as you reach the end!


The host for the event Siva Chandrasekaran, Arun, and Prakash Krishnan are technology professionals and pro-quiz masters. QPL is the largest Quiz show of the international Indian community.

The students have to complete an online registration form to get the details about the event including the link to join the quiz program.

Learner Circle's QPL3.0 is much bigger and grander - A truly International Edition

Join the Global Quiz Competition

This time the event happens on two days for two different age groups 8-11-year-olds in one group and 12-15-year-olds in another group. We had to split it into two groups due to the overwhelming response we have seen in the last two seasons of QPL.


For 8 to 11 years old

Registration closes at 4.00 PM IST, September 11, 2021 (Saturday)

For 12 - 15 years Old

Registration closes at 4.00 PM IST, September 18, 2021 (Saturday)


QPL 3.0 is a trivia quiz and shall cover a wide range of topics from Sports, History, World Politics, Cinema, Science, Or anything under the sun or beyond (Just Kidding! But be prepared)

Competition Schedule


Age 08 to 11: September 11, 2021 (Saturday) Age 12 to 15: September 18, 2021 (Saturday)



Prelims: 20 min Each semi-final: 15 min Final: 20 min


Preliminary - MCQ




Rs 25000


Step 1: Subscribe to Learner Circle’s Youtube Channel as soon as you register. You will be notified on the day of QPL - (Search Learner Circle in YouTube)

Step 2: Join the Online Live Test Link which will be sent to your Email ID

Step 3: Join the link of the Preliminary Round at 9:30 PM IST. You will not be able to open the link after 9:30 PM.

What happens in the Preliminary Round?

  • The preliminary round will be conducted in the given link and will be open only for 15 minutes

  • Only single participants are allowed

  • Results will be announced within 10 minutes and a zoom link will be sent to the semi-finalists.


  • Each semi-final will have four participants and will be conducted in a Tournament format

  • Each tournament will consist of three rounds.


  • The winner from each semi-final will be selected to the Grand Finale

  • Three power-packed rounds, before we decide on the winners

"Organising committee's decision will be final"

Visit:​ for more information and registration.

Learner Circle’s Dubai Utsav ’24

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Dubai Utsav '24 will showcase a variety of exciting events, including a talent hunt, an art exhibition, a design and dazzle contest, a book launch featuring stories written by children, a trivia quiz, a drawing competition, and education excellence awards. Visit our website,  

Additionally, there will be fun-filled activities suitable for the entire family to enjoy. For queries, please contact us via WhatsApp at

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