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Learn the guitar at Learner Circle

picture of mom and daughter playing the guitar
Why should we learn guitar at Learner Circle?

Learner Circle has developed a concise, fun, interactive online guitar course for kids and adults. Our guitar courses are structured as per Trinity Certification. Our courses are designed at working as cognitive interventions for early age development. It is also suitable for adults who want to learn new skills or brush up an old skill. Learning the keyboard enhances cognitive abilities, skill development, working memory and creativity.

Why should we learn guitar at Learner Circle?

father and daughter playing the guitar
Guitar improves cognitive skills

We have a structured Curriculum

We have a comprehensive, online competitive curriculum designed to enhance cognitive thinking and musical skills. It is planned in a way to help the child progress through various levels easily. It is also aligned with the Trinity syllabus to enable students to continue towards a Trinity certification after this short online course. It is a good pathway to begin a bright future in music. Here are the curriculum levels:

Level 1:
Kids learn the basics of Hold, Placements, Timing and Music Theory.
Level 2:
Kids learn the Blues and Improvisations
Level 3:
Kids learn Arpeggios and Scales
Level 4
Kids will delve deep into Major and Minor Chords
Level 5
Kids will learn with a hint of Jazz.
Level 6
Kids will learn Stylistic and Motivic Stimulus


This course fosters Musical Intelligence and core cognitive skills.


Kids will achieve a Course Certification and a pathway to Trinity

Unique features

We offer free Practice Sessions everyday under the supervision of the teacher and a coordinator for all our students.


All our courses can be taken online from the comfort of your own home. Each class is conducted by a qualified teacher and monitored by our coordinators.

Benefits of learning the guitar

Learning the guitar can significantly impact your child’s overall growth. Here are some advantages to playing the guitar:

Playing the guitar is therapeutic, it reduces stress

Playing the guitar is therapeutic and helps to reduce stress. Most guitarists testify that playing the guitar lightens their mood and calms them.

It is good for the heart

Studies show that music therapy is good for the heart and has linked it with blood pressure. Research has shown a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate for those who play the guitar.

It enhances creativity

Playing the guitar can enhance creativity. It motivates or encourages the player to think about different forms of harmony, rhythm and music. It fosters complete engagement and consumes the mind completely. This connection with the instrument can create a lot of space for creativity.

It enhances cognitive ability

There are strong cognitive influences for those who play the guitar. It improves abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science. It also improves creative thinking, working memory and concentration.

It builds your social support network

Playing an instrument can help broaden social networks. Joining a club of like-minded people can be motivating and inspiring. It also helps to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

It boosts emotional and social learning

Studies have shown that children who play an instrument are more resilient to failure and challenges thereby making them emotionally stronger. As kids who play music have enhanced communication and listening skills, they also lean towards more enriched social experiences.

Our team

Our tutors and non-teaching staff are selected through a meticulous screening process. We have in place an efficient passionate team to ensure every classroom is a ‘wow’ experience for our students.

Our Tutors

About Mr. Godwin

Godwin is a professional guitarist with 8 years of playing experience and 5 years of professional teaching experience. Godwin is a well-qualified music teacher who not only raises the quality of teaching but also fosters a culture of learning. His philosophy of music is sharing everything he knows with whoever wants to know it. He breaks it all down into small, clear, concise steps, covering every topic in as much detail as possible.

Godwin teaches students what they need to know, when they want to know it, empowering them on their life-long musical journey.

About Mr. Arun

Arun is an enthusiastic musician having years of experience in teaching Guitar to various enthusiastic learners. His expertise is renowned to help his learners to implement their ideas and creativity. He has experience in teaching learners of different ages. Arun is not only eager to discover new horizons but encourages his learners to discover endless possibilities.

He has qualified Grade 4 in Trinity College of Music, London. He also trains hard to become an expert in various skills. He inspires learners to try new things in every session. Arun creates a craving to learn more and better, to improvise at every step of the way. This Guitar course is a fantastic way to ignite the passionate musician in you!

About Mr. Sachin Arya

Sachin Arya is from Bidar, Karnataka. He is a certified guitarist from Trinity College of London. He maintains a deep passion for teaching, well-developed communication skills, and the capacity to work in team environments. He has done a lot of independent music composition and performed many songs.

He loves music. He understands that everyone has the potential of learning if the right methodology is chosen.

About Sony Alex

Sony Alex is a multi-faceted musician who composes, ventures in production and direction in the music industry. He is working as a session artist in several rock and folk genre bands. Apart from being a music educator in several sectors, he was one among the gifted candidates from India to be selected in Berklee College of Music, USA. He is graded Level 8 from Trinity College of Music, London. He passionately believes that consistent practice will take an enthusiastic learner to legendary levels of expertise. This course can be the starting step to become an internationally approved artist and an expert in talents.

He enjoys his solo rides after his interest in music. He aspires learners to work one step at a time and observe keenly at every step of the way. Their observation and fine tuning of every concept can make them a class apart from other learners. Usually, the theory of music is not given much care. Whereas to practically learn and improvise playing any musical instrument, understanding the theories lays a solid foundation.

About Het Shah

Het Shah is an enthusiastic and spirited musician who also pursues teaching music alongside his concerts and gigs. He has been performing at a great level for 8 years. He is a lover of music and wants to explore learning opportunities. His heart finds home in experimental rock and folk fusion. But he still plays, listens and keeps experimenting in different genres to give him a wide range of musicality.

He is also associated with reputed institutions of music as music coach and expert. He has done more than five hundred gigs including college concerts, corporate performances and LIVE open-air concerts. He cherishes his travel diaries and enjoys meeting new people. He exchanges his musical views with different people and gains vast knowledge through conversations.

Intelligence type

Children of this intelligence type enjoy musical expression. They will also have the tendency to think in patterns and rhythms.

KYC assessment

Want to know if your child is musically inclined? Take our free Multiple Intelligence Assessment here.


We welcome children from all over the world. We want our classrooms to depict diversity, as we believe a diverse classroom can foster learning and a spirit of humanity. Our short online courses are affordable, accessible and interactive. Check out our website for more details on the guitar course.

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