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Interaction with our Bharatanatyam Tutor - Vidyalakshmi

We all understand the importance of teachers in our society today. More so, after the pandemic, the importance of teachers skyrocketed. It seemed like teachers were holding onto the pillars of the world for our children. Teachers are important because they give our children purpose and instill in them a drive to do well in life. It is the teacher that molds the citizens of tomorrow. It is the teacher whose influence carries a child all through life.

This week we are pleased to present to you our effervescent, enthusiastic Bharatanatyam teacher, Ms. Vidyalakshmi. She is a classical dance teacher, a performer and a choreographer. She has had over a decade of experience in this field. Ms. Vidyalakshmi has a Diploma in Bharatanatyam. She has received the Natya Ratna award in the year 2008 for her outstanding contribution to the field of classical dance.

Ms. Vidyalakshmi has performed on many stages in the past, inducing the Chidambaram Natyanjali festival, the Thanjavur Chinna Melam festival and the Indian super league opening ceremony.

Her Philosophy

Vidyalakshmi believes in teaching her students in a fun way so that they may be able to relate what they learn to actual things in life. She plans her classrooms to be interactive and interesting so that it’s easier for her students to learn.

She believes that a teacher’s success can be measured by the amount of knowledge imparted to the kid. Knowledge need not be only subject knowledge. Bharatanatyam is not only a physical activity; it also involves a lot of mind power and imparts a lot of philosophical values about life. Vidyalakshmi’s goal is to empower the kids to be able to carry those values throughout their life. Her vision is to guide her students to evolve first as human beings and as dancers as well. Now, we can’t get a better teaching philosophy than that, can we?

Does your child want to learn Bharatanatyam?

Has your child shown interest in Bharatanatyam? Does she want to learn and invest some time in nurturing this classical skill? Please do not hesitate to contact us, as you can see, we have some of the best teachers to guide your child through the basics and the various levels we have curated through our classical dance courses. Below is a link to the interview learner Circle had with Ms. Vidyalaskshmi. Please watch it, if you want to know more about our teachers.

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