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How to view study material in Learner Circle App?

About Learner Circle

Learner Circle began with the vision of enriching and empowering kids to pursue their passion. Like all big dreams, this vision started small - a story-telling session with a small group of kids.

We believe that a child's potential lies beyond the academic curriculum that most schools offer. The overall development of a child’s personality includes being able to nurture a child’s interest into creative expression. Our long term objective is to create a wide network of professional teachers who have the passion and expertise to nurture a child’s dream into reality. We strive every day to help children identify their passion in various art forms like dance, literature, music and creativity.

After you sign up with us, it is essential to download our app - “Learner Circle.” The app is quite user-friendly and is curated for parents and children to interact with us easily.

The importance of the Learner Circle app

The App connects the student to Learner Circle. It keeps the communication easy, all at one place. All study materials, videos, audio, notes etc depending on the course are placed inside the app.

Batch schedule quick overview

Another important feature of the app is that it provides you details of your child’s batch schedule. The batch schedule will give you details like the date and time of each session. We also give you an overview of your child’s attendance on the app. This is visible in the batch schedule tab.

How to access study material part

Open the learner circle app on your phone. Click the batch tab at the bottom. You will see the courses you have signed up for. Click and open to see the course details. Slide to the right on the top menu. Select the 'study material’ menu. In the ‘study material’ section, you will find the course materials. It is as simple as that.


Many eminent psychologists recommend play-based learning to provide children the opportunity to develop competences, improve social skills and the disposition to learn. All our programs are curated to help children enhance their cognitive skills, mature emotionally and develop self-confidence required to engage in new social experiences. The interactive experiences we provide are meant to make children more actively involved in their learning journey, thereby nurturing them into leaders of tomorrow.

Contact us to know more. If you have already signed up with us, don’t forget to download our app!

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