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There are numerous careers to pursue in the dance industry in entertainment and performance. Many dancers get apprehensive about being professional dancers because being a full-time dancer is challenging to maintain. Famous dancers like Anna Pavlova, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers have glamorized the profession, but it takes years of hard work to sustain. Therefore, it helps to know other dance -related careers which can help extend a performance career and act as a guiding tool to enable transition to a connected field. Here is a list of dance-related careers for those who love to dance and would like to consider it as a profession.

Read this article to know how dance can help children :

Dance instructor

Dance instructors are much in demand as they are the professionals who impart the techniques of dancing and choreography. They need to have good communication and teaching skills. They should also be able to formulate lesson plans and be effective in their teaching strategies. The good news is that this role is more flexible now with the advent of digital classrooms, so an instructor also has the option of teaching people online, which does play a role in expanding the student network. Srimanta Sankardev who was a social-religious reformer, poet, saint-scholar, playwright and an important figure in the cultural and religious reforms in Assam was a renowned dance instructor. He is popularly associated with introducing a new dance form called ‘Sattriya’.

"Dancers don't need wings to fly."

Production designer

These professionals use their abilities and creativity to design live shows. Their work involves setting up stage, sourcing movie props and other important aspects that contribute to a successful performance on stage. This role also may involve creating sets, working with lighting equipment and performing other duties that are required of a production designer. Nitin Chandrakant Desai is regarded as one of the most talented production designers in Indian cinema. He has won many awards for his work in movies like Devdas, Lagaan and Swades.

"Dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion." unknown


People who choose this field must have outstanding dancing skills and an in-depth knowledge of dance. It would help to have a good understanding of music and knowledge on how to blend movement with music. The primary role of a choreographer is to create and direct dance movements/ routines for movies/television, plays, musicals or live performances on stage. Choreography can be a good option for those who stop dancing actively, as it is less-physically demanding, but also pays well. Rukmini Devi Arundale was a famous dancer and choreographer of Bharatanatyam. She played a significant role in popularizing the dance art of Bharatanatyam and received several awards in her honor. Saroj Khan was one of Hindi cinema’s extraordinary choreographers and she will always be recognized for her huge contribution to the art of dance.

Here are some great Bollywood moves that's good to learn :


A dance photographer or videographer is an exciting job and provides for a unique platform to explore dance. People who choose this role can work with portraits, performances, and events. Work from these mediums can be featured for educational or entertainment purposes. Dancers make good photographers as they will be able to guide posture and alignment, providing sophisticated poses professionally. Avinas Prasricha is a famous photographer of the performing arts who has taken millions of pictures in the past 60 years of his career. He is considered a living legend for his work in Indian art and culture.


The prime responsibility of a dancer is to perform on stage to perform and entertain fans. Various industries engage dancers for different types of events therefore widening the opportunities in the industry. This field is quite lucrative as it opens opportunities for dancers to work with dance companies, with musicians, theatre companies and movies. Other industries like the hospitality and travel industry also offer opportunities for dancers to explore. Briju Maharaj was a famous singer, dancer and composer. He won several awards for his work in the performing arts.

Theatre manager

A theatre manager is a professional who oversees daily operations of a theatre or dance company. Their responsibilities include organizing shows, rehearsals, arranging travel and accommodation for dancers. It’s an ideal job for professionals who have extensive experience in the dance industry. A theatre manager will also be required to manage budgets and supervise other activities of the company. Sunil Shanbag is a famous Indian theatre director, screenwriter and a documentary filmmaker.

Don't talk about doing it. Do it! - Unknown


A dance writer is someone who creates content on dance shows, the art of dance, dancers, themes of performance and interpretation of dance. A writer also has access to important people like directors to conduct interviews about their projects and techniques. Dance writers can get their work published in a magazine or newspapers. Nowadays, even the digital platform can be used for publishing work, so a dance writer has greater potential than ever before.


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