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Be like Bappi Lahiri – 3 things we can learn from him

I don't sing for awards, I sing for rewards - Bappi Lahiri

a picture of Bappi Lahiri
Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri was a pioneer of disco in Bollywood for decades. He popularized the use of synthesized disco music in Bollywood. His songs Chalte Chalte and Surakshaa placed him on the pedestal of stardom. He was a singer, composer, and record producer. What can we learn from Bappi Lahiri? Here are 3 things you can learn from him.

1. Do not be afraid to be yourself

Bappi Lahiri did not have inhibition in expressing himself. He was creative in every aspect of his life. He never felt the need to restrain himself or to fit into the blandness of society. He was brave in expressing his unique style. He created his own trademark fashion, which is unparalleled in Bollywood even today. India will not find another celebrity who wore sunglasses and gold embellishments with such aplomb as Bappi Lahiri. People loved the energy and vibe he created wherever he went.

I am the Godfather of disco - Bappi Lahiri

a picture of Bappi Lahiri
Be yourself

2. Create your own Niche

His personality reflected in his work as well, that is how he became the harbinger for disco music. When he introduced disco in Bollywood, it was unheard of. It absolutely thrilled music lovers all over India, making his songs instant hits. He added his own flavor to the music with a fusion of international beats and upbeat tones. He also has a few romantic songs to his credit. His amazing style ruled the Bollywood industry for almost 3 decades. He did some of the best movies in the industry. Movies like Sharaabi, Disco Dancer, Mastery Aangan Ki Kali were made famous with his music. Till today, these movies are synonymous with his songs.

My style of music will never get old because the music is very catchy - Bappi Lahiri

a picture of Bappi Lahiri
Create your own niche

3. Start as early as possible.

He started training with his parents at the age of three. His mother Bansari Lahiri was well-versed in classical music. She was a musician and a singer. His father, Aparesh Lahiri was a famous Bengali singer. They trained him in every aspect of music. He got an opportunity in Mumbai when he was nineteen and he was lucky to have got Lata Mangeshkar to sing his first composition. In 1973 he got a chance to compose music for the first for the movie Nanha Shikari. Just at the beginning of his career, he got the chance to compose a duet with Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Gradually his compositions connected with the audience and his songs became immensely popular. He began to get national recognition. In the 1980s, he worked for films starring Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra. He created a record with his work during this time composing music for twelve successful moves. In 1986, he entered the Guinness book of world records for recording more than 180 songs .

My favorite composers are Vishal Shekar, AR Rahman and Shankar Ehsaan Loy - Bappi Lahiri

 a picture of Bappi Lahiri
He started early

Politics and Achievements

In the year 2104, he joined the BJP when Rajnath Sing was the President of BJP. His political career was however short lived as he lost to his opponent.

Bappi Lahiri was nominated several times for Best music Director for his work in Sharaabi, Namak Halaal etc.,In 1983 he won the Best Music Director award for the movie Sharaabi. In 2018, he won the Lifetime Achievement award. In 2012, he won best item song of the year for the unforgettable ‘ooh la la’ from the movie ‘Dirty Picture’ starring Vidya Balan.


India and all his fans are still mourning his untimely passing. He left behind an incredible legacy for Indian music and for music lovers. He has forever changed the way we look at disco and created a pathway to explore other musical genres in India. His approach has made it easier for young musicians to experiment with versatile rhythms and harmonies.

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