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8 benefits of singing for children:


The essence of music is its universal nature. Although no one really knows its exact origins, we know that throughout the world every known culture partakes in it. The music of ancient times was extremely diverse, but some fundamental concepts are visible in all forms. All music in general had text, rhythm and melodies closely aligned. Over the centuries music has evolved beautifully. Instruments have been invented, more sounds, rhythms and songs entered our universe as naturally as the rain. Ever since, scientists have been studying the impact of music on children and their cognitive development. More so, because any engagement with learning, practicing or performing music is known to have a great influence on the social and emotional learning of children. Let’s take a closer look at singing.

a picture of a girl singing
Singing makes you happy

Some interesting facts about singing

Did you know that?

Singing started becoming popular in the 1400s. The first ever song was written then and it was called ‘’Hurrian Hymn”

Farinelli was the 18th century singing star who made the first real song with a band.

The 1900s gave the world the first male black singer/songwriter in the form of ‘Nat King Cole’

The benefits of singing

Core Cognitive skills

Creativity: Singing plays an important role in improving Higher Order Skills like creativity. Children who sing can unleash their creativity in songwriting and composing music. It also encourages them to think on the spot. Singing is a great way to practice memory and recall skills.

Sustained Attention: Singing helps children to stay invested in one task for a sustained period. It helps to improve listening skills, auditory memory and concentration.

Category Formation: Singing helps to recognize patterns. Children improve with category formation through rhythms, sounds and sequencing.

Improves Language and Communication skills: Singing helps to improve vocabulary and pronunciation. It is also said to improve spoken language and inspires children to learn other languages.

Social and Emotional Learning: Singing is said to improve intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in children. Children learn to work under pressure and take on more responsibility. They also learn to persevere. They develop the patience to grow through failures and try again.

Interpersonal Skills: It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. It is said to make a child more empathetic and builds positive attitudes in children. This is because singing releases feel-good hormones like oxytocin and stress-causing ones like cortisol. It also fosters teamwork and a collaborative attitude.

a group of kids singing in a choir
Singing improves interpersonal skill

Intrapersonal Skills: Singing involves a lot of discipline. This helps children improve self-management, self-awareness, impulse control and accurate self-perception.

Other Health Benefits: It improves Cardiac and Respiratory functions due to the need for regular practice. Children can also use singing to improve their vocal system and Gross motor control.


Besides all of the above, singing truly makes children happy. Therefore, parents who have musically inclined children may encourage them to participate in singing activities at home like Karaoke. Children can be nudged into participating in singing events at school or community festivals. Parents can also consider enrolling their child for a music class or a class to learn an instrument.

A poster of a boy playing the guitar.
Learn music with Learner Circle

Learner Circle offers a variety of online courses for music for children who want to pursue their passion. All our courses are in line with the Trinity Syllabus and offer a pathway to Trinity Certification. Our vision is to encourage children on a journey of infinite learning by constantly innovating new learning methods for children. We understand that children are different and different children learn differently. That is why we are constantly adding to our list of online courses to give children more opportunities to explore and grow. We believe that helping children to pursue their passion can help become better leaders for tomorrow.

If your child wants to pursue music please do not hesitate to check our website for a free demo.

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