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5 essential skills the next generation needs to become better citizens

In today's fast paced world of technology, societies are changing faster than ever before. We've been pushed to an uncertainty where we cannot foresee the upcoming challenges today's children will have to face in the future. Thus, young people developed with such substantial skills, bring their acquired knowledge into play to meet the demands of their rapidly changing environment.

Effective Communication

The ability to communicate is a primary skill needed for a child's cognitive development. Clear communication can help build healthy relationships with others which in turn creates a social conscience in them. Also, children who can verbally communicate well can produce written communication as well which makes them more likely to perform academically well. Therefore, the better we nurture their communication skills, the better they express themselves in different walks of their lives.

Critical Thinking

Children begin to think critically at a young age. The pondering questions of 'what', 'why', and 'how' at their young age are mainly because of curiosity. This should further develop into an ability to think rationally and independently which can help them analyze, apply, experience, think creatively and reflect from their thoughts to action. Ultimately, critical thinking constructs and lays the foundation for basic understanding of science and democracy.

Cultural Understanding

Learning about different cultures creates new understandings for children. It helps them look through diverse traditions and teaches them to embrace those differences and similarities. Cultural awareness provides the platform for appreciation of other cultures which influences how children behave socially and interact with the wider part of the society. Hence, helping the children imbibe a sense of belonging which creates a sturdy bridge between the past and the future.


Normally, children tend to not take responsibility for their actions. But with the right amount of love and guidance, parents can help them create a sense of personal accountability with a set of rules and expectations. In this way, children would avoid a pattern of giving out excuses and take responsibility for their doings.


Adaptability is one such skill in a child which makes him/her unique. Learning how to react and adjust to new situations and information plays a large role in child development. Adaptability in children makes them perceive change in a positive manner than in a stressful way. This quality also makes them more resilient as they grow.

Hence, the more skills children possess, the more knowledge they acquire. This helps them build in their personal and societal development. Thus, these are some skills that play a crucial role in order to become eminent citizens of a nation.

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