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3 reasons why writing is important for children

'There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they will take you' – Beatrix Potter

A poster with a text : Dream, think, write. It has a picture of few books with a bit of leaves
Writing is a dream

1. Writing makes children better learners

Writing is the art of expressing our thoughts into words. It is one of the most powerful learning tools. The secret to raising confident writers is to have time scheduled just for writing what they have learned. A lot of children hesitate to put pen to paper, because they 'don’t know what to write'. But the truth is, children underestimate their potential when it comes to writing. Children don’t know that the real power in writing comes from the struggle with words and finding ways for expression. This is the time that the brain is developing, making connections, trying to comprehend and absorb details. Research indicates that children who write are better learners than children who are not.

A poster of two children, one is actively writing and the other is watching

2. Childhood memories

In the same way you mark and track the physical growth of your child on a wall, you can also track your child's cognitive growth. This can be done by creating an archive of all the stories, diary entries, essays or poems that your child writes. These writings could offer them good insight into their childhood as adults. Like, the way you document your child's experiences and interactions with people using a camera, the same way children can be urged to document their experiences through writing. In fact, these photographs can be used as prompts for writing. The writings do not have to be perfect, as long as the goal is to write something every day. Encouraging your child to think in terms of 'what' 'when' 'why' how' and ‘where’ can lead them into finding a structure of what they want to write. A good bonding exercise is to read through what your child has written together. Showing interest in their work could act as a strong motivational tool in their writing work.

A poster with the text : If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write

3. It helps generate interest in their environment

Encouraging the child to write also encourages them to take a lot more interest in their surroundings. They become a lot more attuned to small details around them and they begin to observe people with a lot more interest. When the idea of writing is planted in a child's mind, they begin to look at things from a different perspective. Their imagination increases and they will begin to show a lot of creativity in their work. It is important to guide the child to write with authenticity. This will encourage the child to write for real people and to always keep their audience in mind. It will also help the child to discover themselves and to explore their passion through writing. For example, a child who loves nature will be drawn to writing about nature. This interest will automatically steer the child towards spending more time with nature and observing a lot more about the world around.

A post that shows green fields and a red flower.  Text : A child who loves nature will be drawn to writing about nature
A child who loves nature

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