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3 reasons why extracurricular activities could help get your child into an IVY league school

The Ivy League series

What do you think is easier: getting into an ivy league school or going to the moon?

Well, Elon Musk has made going to the moon seem easy, so maybe we must focus on ivy league admissions for our children so that someday they too will go to the moon and back, of course! If you are a parent of a child who wants to get into an ivy league college, then we are laying the cards on the table for you.

The truth is besides grades and test scores, there are other crucial factors taken into consideration for admissions to Ivy League Colleges. One of them is a student's involvement in Extracurricular activities. Listed below are 3 reasons why extracurricular activities gives a student an edge above the others.

  • A deep interest

A student who has learned music or piano for years will portray a depth of passion in his profile. Also, an earned diploma will signify the student’s depth of expertise in each skill. Depth of passion shows a focussed interest and commitment in one activity. It also will reflect that the student has acquired sufficient skill and knowledge to be an expert. These students have an added advantage due to the underlying assumption that children with focussed interests have improved cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. These children are also adept with skills in time management and organisation. At Learner Circle we offer online courses on various interests, visit our link to know more.

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It would be a clever idea for parents to invest in an early development programme for children who lean towards a passion. Skill development is crucial to starting a journey of learning thereby building the student’s depth of interest from an early age.

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  • The formation of personal Character

Early skill development has a huge influence on personality development and formation of character. Nurturing a skill and trying to build an expertise requires a lot of determination, resilience, and hard work. Therefore, it is a given that a student who has been involved in Extracurricular activities like photography, chess, or coding, will have had several tests on his strength of character. A student’s profile will indicate these by the choices made and the reasons behind it. It will also indicate leadership skills. Especially if the interest played a vital role to initiate community projects or set trends in the field. The student’s unique portrayal of his passion can show self-confidence and maturity. He can find ways to indicate his energy levels based on his stage performances or exhibitions held. Admission executives will also look for clues as to whether his interest helped him practice under pressure and if the student displays a sense of humour? These personality traits are important to understand the student. This will help the university decide if the student will be a good fit into the student demographics. Will his presence make a positive impact on the campus?

  • Knowledge of a world language – the ability to communicate

Languages have always been important because it is a powerful tool to bring people together. There is considerable evidence to show that the more languages spoken, the more diverse is the pool of people one can interact with. This not only enhances empathy for different kinds of people and plays a role in the emergence of a global outlook. It plays a vital role in helping people adapt to new environments and new people. Thereby improving fluency in communication and creativity in communicating. Most Ivy League colleges have the knowledge of a world language as an important criterion for selection. Encouraging your child to learn a new language like French or German at an early age would definitely be helpful in the long haul. As it would help children have a head start as far as planning ahead is concerned. Languages are given this importance because it is a known fact that there is a strong link between bilingualism and cognitive flexibility. It also does appear to have a positive impact on mental alertness and attention.


At Learner Circle we offer short online courses on various Extracurricular activities like chess, coding, languages, piano, dance, and music. If you would like to have a free demo, please do visit our website at All our courses help children nurture a depth of interest in a passion and help in the building of character. We also have a course on a world language, a young writer’s workshop and Bharatnatyam. Start your journey towards an Ivy League College a little early.


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