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Team Bonding | Conflict Resolution

Customised | Lasting Impact

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Why do you need Team Camps?

  • Create Trust and enhance relationships

  • Eliminate conflict and work-stress

  • Reduce attrition by enhancing well being

Why Wilderness expeditions for Corporate Teams ?

  • People tend to open up in breathtaking wilderness 

  • Opportunities for  self-discovery through challenging & inspiring journey

  • Move people out of their comfort zones. Exploring personal potential.

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Why Learner Circle + Wildernest Camps?

  • Certified trainers and Safety experts walk every step with the team 

  • Internationally renowned Life Coaches

  • Real Long term Transformation case studies

About The Activities



This program focuses on trust building, conflict mitigation, open communication, and collaboration.


In the post-wfh era building the team culture is of paramount importance for an organisation's culture.



Good decision making skills, accountability and ownership traits are seeded and nurtured in these sessions.

Train the future leaders of your organisation to provide the most conducive work environment.



Performance excellence is deeply linked with one's personal excellence. Address this to solve most HR issues.

Here we help individuals embark on a positive personal development journey in every aspect of their life. 



A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and no two organisations are the same.

Hence, we customise our programs to address the most pressing pain points. Our renowned coaches will help you tailor the programs for you.

What, Where and How?

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  • Virgin Forest 1400 Mts above sea level at Nilgiris

  • Vagamon Idukki Kerala

  • Mahabalipuram, Chennai


  • Comfortable stay at a resort in Vagamon & Mahabalipuram. 

  • Wilderness & Tents at Wildernest, Nilgiris



  • Gift your team an experience of a lifetime. 

Sample Schedule Overview

Day 01.

Pickup at Mettupalayam Railway station.

Reach Base camp, Refresh, Pitch your tents


(Debrief: Blindfolded tent pitching builds bonding instantly and resembles real world office uncannily. The importance of communication, collaboration, delegation and seeing a job to completion would debated.

Day 02.

Trekking, Waterfalls, Forest Exploration, Campfire

(Debrief: In forests, vulnerabilities are not weakness but an opportunity to be open and honest about concerns & road blocks. It is a place to build trust and supportive team culture)

Day 03.

South India's only natural rock climbing, Abseiling

(Debrief: Doing things outside one's comfort zone is when magic happens and our potential realised. This day's exercise also delves upon the team being on a positive intent, non-judgemental and authentic.

Day 04.

Archery, Leave No Trace. Depart at 3:30pm

(Debrief: Comparing Archery to Business and understanding the Importance of process in setting one up for success.

Work ethics for a cohesive and productive team.