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22nd Jan'23 | 6:00 AM IST

Chess Coaching by Top Chess Players

Level 1

The student will learn all the basics of Chess. At the end of this level the student will be able to play in a Strategic way.

Level 2

The student will learn to take the game forward, improve on strategy and will have the ability to fight & win the game.

Level 3

The student will get to learn the dos and don'ts of the game. They will be able to arrive at a unique style for themselves at the end of this phase.

Level 4

The student will be specialized on a targeted game play based on their strength. This level will lay the foundation for the FIDE training.

FIDE Training

Get trained on a specialized curriculum curated by our Expert Tutors to achieve the FIDE rating

What Happens In A Chess Demo Class?

Beginners to Grandmaster - We have it all to make your child reach the pinnacle

Online chess class for kids by experts is here. Our classes are designed by Grandmasters and World Class Chess Tutors. We have defined milestones for kids to achieve various levels in their learning phase. From being a simple learner to FIDE rated players and to finally a grand master, we have it all to make it big Chess for the child.