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Online Chess Classes for Kids

Chess Coaching by Top Chess Players

Level 1

Piece Intro, Checkmate, Stalemate with One puzzles

Level 2

Game Analyses with Strategies for Pawn

Level 3

Learn Several Attacks with Simulations

Level 4

Practice Attack Methods on Puzzles

Level 5

Hardest Master Level Practices

Level 6

Grandmaster Game Analyses

Beginners to Grandmaster - We have it all to make your child reach the pinnacle

Online chess class for kids by experts is here. Our classes are designed by World Class Chess Tutors. We have defined milestones for kids to achieve various levels in their learning. From being a simple learner to FIDE rated players and to finally a grand master, we have it all to make it big for the child 


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Chess Tournament


Online LIVE Classes by Our Expert Tutors

Mr.Y D S Krishna Teja Chess Tutor.jpeg

Mr. Krishna Teja

Guitar Tutor

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Mr. Subash

Chess Tutor


Mr. Pon Perumal

Chess Tutor

Why should your child take a Chess Course at Learner Circle?


Comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance cognitive thinking and logical thinking

Support Team

A friendly support team to handle all queries and requests.


Course Certification,

Path to FIDE,

Participation in Tournaments

Online Classes

All our courses online LIVE classes conducted by a qualified teacher


Our tutors are selected through a meticulous screening process with well-defined learning process

Cognitive Skills

Help kids to.

Display critical & logical thinking skills

We engage, encourage and help kids to pursue their passion

Know more about the role that a "Chess" can play in a child's life..

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