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Kallar Tent

Experience Nature at its finest!
Detox, Introspect and Re-discover yourself at the Wilderness camp for Adults
Wide range of activities, including Archery, Mountain Climbing, Abseiling, Outdoor survival and more

Image by Falaq Lazuardi

What happens in the camp?

Immerse yourself in exciting activities. But the crucial part of the program are the debriefs on the activities by the most sought after life coaches. They will lead you to introspect why you did what you did. Re-discover yourself in the process. You will leave Rejuvenated!

Why do you need the Wilderness camp?

Soak the Forest

Water flowing in the creeks, chirps of birds, dry leaves rustling beneath your foot. Isn't this instantly calming to even think of it? Studies show that a "20-min walk in the woods" is enough to produce a positive impact on your body. Re-centre your mind, body and soul and soak up the pristine forest around you. Your learning is simply heightened with the "Shinrin-yoku" or "Forest-Bathing" that naturally happens with the pleasing aromas and the "phytoncides" that are diffused in the air. "Reaping Physical, Mental and Emotional benefits" is just an understatement for the experience

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About The Activities

Love with Nature

Surrounded by Gorgeous scenery, shed all your titles - be it a CEO or a mom.

Connect with the nature and yourself. Full digital Detox!


Go to the edge of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. Activities like Rock climbing, Archery, Hike to waterfalls etc are going to give you experiences that you will cherish.


Besides picking up new outdoor skills, there would be  several tacit benefits like Building Confidence, Realising what we want, understanding the Importance of staying fit etc.

Who can come?

We are inviting everyone over 18 years.

This is a wonderful opportunity to Learn, Relax and Detox!

Step out of the Concrete Jungle to the real jungle! 

What, Where and How?

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Virgin Forest 1400 Mts above sea level at Nilgiris between Mettupalayam and Coonoor

Image by Sebastian Knoll


Spend the starry nights in tents at campsite with the million dollar view. Toilets/Shower areas available



If you are intentional about transforming your life, learn to listen to your inner voice. Enjoy the moment!

Schedule Overview

Day 01

Morning 6:30 am

Pickup at Mettupalayam Railway station.

Reach Base camp, Refresh, Pitch your tents

Day 01


Day 1 of our activities - Trekking, Waterfalls, Forest Exploration, Campfire

Day 02

Whole day

Briefs & De-briefs - Why you did what you did?

Day 2 of activities - South India's only natural rock climbing, Abseiling

Day 03

Whole day

Day 3 of activities - Archery, Leave No Trace. Depart at 3:30pm